Participating in Red Ribbon


October 23rd through October 31st is red ribbon week. This week promotes students to stay drug free and to raise awareness about the different types of drugs and the harm they may cause one’s body. However, schools do several activities throughout the week to make this week a fun learning experience. Our SADD club is hosting our red ribbon week, and we have planned multiple events for you, as a student, to get involved in. 

First of all, our school will be doing dress up days to show the support of being drug free. 

October 23rd-Red out: show your pride to be drug free 

October 24th-wear a  jersey/ sport team: Team up against drugs

October 28th- Dynamic duo: Encourage others to be drug free! 

October 29th- Western/ Cowboy: Boot out drugs

October 30th- Meme day: Laugh in the face of drugs

October 31st- Costume day: Say BOO to drugs! 

We encourage all students to dress up and show their pride for red ribbon week. 

Next, the students will be doing an activity every day during mentor to inform them on what exactly the week is about. These activities may include videos, discussions, or short games. This will allow students to engage with other students about the awareness of drugs. 

This Thursday the SADD officers and representatives will be taking a trip to the elementary to inform the 5th graders about our club and why red ribbon week is celebrated. The students will receive candy and stickers. All of them will then get the chance to win candy through playing bingo. This event will help the 5th graders understand the impact of drugs at a young age to help prevent them from choosing to participate in them in the future. 

Next wednesday, all high school students will be participating in a convocation in order to gain knowledge about the impacts of vaping or juuling. This convocation will help students learn about consequences of dealing with drugs, and most importantly it will get them out of class. 😉 

Then to end the week, Thursday SADD club will hold a pep rally. Next week, all throughout the week students will be selling raffle tickets to pie a teacher in the face. Our candidates this year are Mr. Quick, Mr. Carlton, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Burrous, Mr. Branz, Mrs. Rush, Mrs. Burch, Mrs. Maloy, Mr. Lobe, Mr. Smith, Mr. Bates, Officer Preston, Officer Bowyer, and Officer Beebout. These tickets will be two for $1 and will be sold at lunch. Then at the pep rally the pieing will begin. Also at the rally, the best dressed for the theme of each day will be recognized and receive a prize. 

Overall, red ribbon week will be a blast. We hope all students enjoy this week and also learn the importance of staying drug free. Don’t forget to participate in all the activities throughout the week. If any questions about the week, contact Hannah Young or myself.

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