Why Not?


For those of you reading this who aren’t planning on attending Friday’s game, I ask you, “Why not?” Why wouldn’t every man, woman, and student in the Cass County area want to be apart of this historic night, and it is historic. This upcoming Friday is sure to be a record setting event for Lewis Cass. The highest attended game of Lewis Cass football history occurred during the historic Andrean regional game back in 2012. If you were at the game, you still talk about it. This game has more excitement and hype around it than any game I can recall from my tenure at this school. The game features bitter county rivals who are both ranked as top three teams. The third-ranked Pioneer Panthers are sure to come into this game with a chip on their shoulders due to their one loss on the season coming from the Kings. However, the Kings’ football team has remained hostile and aggressive all year. They have blown teams out consistently this year, but they are still hungry for more. The hungry dog runs faster, and in this game the Kings are coming with their teeth sharpened. Players like Caden Zeck and Isaac Chambers have spent close to ten hours this week watching film in preparation. Lewis Cass, as a whole, wants this game more. The atmosphere and excitement will be palpable on what’s projected to be a beautiful fall night. The stage is set, so your only job is to show up. Why wouldn’t you?

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