"Have to" vs "Get to"

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Complaining is something almost everyone does regularly. Whether it is going to school, having too much homework, playing against a really good sports team, or something as simple as having a hard practice, complaining is such an easy subject to fill our mouths with. As popular as complaining is, some people would be shocked to hear that it does absolutely nothing beneficial to the situation at hand. Complaining actually possesses quite the opposite effect. Having a “have to” mentality causes someone to think negatively. When someone complains about something they do not want to do, it only causes them to dwell on it more and more. Having a “get to” mentality instead of a “have to” mentality can positively impact the way someone lives his or her life. 

So, what is a “have to” mentality? A ‘have to” mentality is thinking or dwelling on the tasks one does not want to do in a negative light. Thinking “I have to go practice after school today” is a “have to” mentality. When someone looks at things in a “get to” mentality, it can increase one’s mood and will to face challenges throughout the day. After school, I had a lot of home work to do. I know that if I do my homework, I will have free time after. Thinking “I get to do my home work after school so that I can have free time” is much better than “I have to do my homework.” 

Complaining only makes the situation worse. Thinking of the situation negatively and expressing it to others makes one dwell on all the bad parts of the situation. For example, instead of complaining about a hard practice, be thankful for the chance to get better and improve. For example, if someone on a sports team is constantly complaining, it will start to rub off on the other players. As I previously stated, shockingly, there is no possible way complaining could make the situation better. A “have to” mentality is a toxic thing. It can make someone more negative in general. A “have to” mentality can cause one to point out the negatives in simple situations. For example, if someone on a sports team is constantly complaining, it will start to rub off on the other players. 

A change in mentality can make someone a happier person. When one takes a step back and sees the situation with a different mentality, it can be eye-opening. It can make him or her rethink and realize the situation is not so bad. As I stated previously, a bad day at school can be something commonly complained about. When you think “Well, at least I get the opportunity to go to school,” or “I get the chance to make tomorrow a better day,” you will begin to see things in a new light. A change in mentality will allow one to see the situation differently. Instead of complaining, think about the positives. Think about the “I get to” instead of the “I have to.” For example, instead of “I have to play a really hard team tonight” think “I get the opportunity to play a really good team and learn a lot from it.”

When one thinks about how a situation can benefit him or her, it can increase his or her will to do it. Some of the things people complain about can be very beneficial to them such as school, work, and sports. A change in mentality can make someone want to do tasks that have important roles in their success. 

We will always have to do things we do not want to do, so positively thinking of them can have great benefits. Thinking “I get the opportunity to go to the gym today” or “I get the chance to learn something new” can make someone realize the good aspects about something one may not want to do at the time. To succeed, one may have to do things he or she does not want to. Complaining about those things will only make it harder. 

In conclusion, complaining is very easy to do in our daily life, and it is very common to have a “have to” mentality. Switching your mentality and thinking “I get to,” can make it easier to do challenging tasks. A change in mentality can make one more successful and happier. Having a “get to” mentality instead of a “have to” mentality can positively impact the way you live your life.


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