I Am Who I Say I Am


I am who I say I am. 


Social media is a powerful tool and can cause chaos with a click of a button. This was proven over the weekend when I said, “Sportsmanship has a face, and it’s not mine.” For the unfamiliar onlooker this might seem crass and unnecessary. With reflection, I might change some choice words, but I am who I say I am. Words were shared privately and publicly to me prior to the game on not only the team but me personally. If the onlookers believe the trash talk was only spoken by me, they would be poorly mistaken. The talk up to the game was simply sports related banter back and forth. In my opinion, everything was above book. The comments that irritated me stated that Pioneer fans were above bad sportsmanship, trash talk, but over the week they proved that was incorrect. They claimed that Owens Memorial Field was Coach Berry’s, Pioneer’s head coach’s, home away from home due to his undefeated record at home and had made statements in the newspaper claiming they were going to “kick their butts.” This directly contradicts their beliefs that they were above trash talk and superior to us off the field. 

Noticing this fallacy, I devised a ploy much like a piece of cheese on a mouse trap. My inflammatory words brought out the true and unflattering reality of the fans of Pioneer. They, students and parents, took to social media and displayed their raw, unfiltered selves. “He is an embarrassment,” “In twenty years when he is working at Taco Bell…,” “Dudes a walking cotton swab lmao,” were some of the highlights by the superior, friendly fanbase of Pioneer. I welcomed comments like these and laughed as each appeared onto my social media feed. I was aghast at the response and the lack of restraint because of a thirty second video. If they would have examined the social media account, those offended might be shocked to find out they are the only fanbase critical of my passion. This isn’t my first rodeo; I have created a “hype” video every week and in these videos never individually called out a single player. I bare my naked face on social media and accept any consequences. It is easy to display good sportsmanship after two straight undefeated seasons that earned them two state championships. A grain of sand can destroy a microchip, and this  loss destroyed their reputation they had formulated the last couple of seasons.

With that being said, I had a great weekend. I witnessed a huge crowd at the game,which rivaled the attendance of the Andrean game of 2007, a boisterous students section, and an outstanding team win. My countenance remained smiling due to the laughable comments made by the Pioneer fanbase. Finally, I found the courage to ask out a girl I have like for quite some time now, and she said yes. Samuel is doing pretty well these days. 


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