The Founder of The Musk Foundation

The Founder of The Musk Foundation


     Philanthropists, a person who donates money or time to help other people, are usually wealthy people that donate to causes that are important to them. They donate their time, talent, and treasure to help the less fortunate. Elon Musk, Ceo of Tesla and SpaceX, has contributed large portions of his money towards several causes such as disaster relief, Flint Michigan, and environmental justice.

     The Musk Foundation, a private grantmaking organization, focuses on five main categories: renewable energy, human space exploration, pediatric research, science and engineering education, and artificial intelligence according to a website Influence watch. Tesla and SpaceX his companies are the majority founders of this nonprofit; they donated $257 million to the foundation. In 2016, Elon Musk donated 1.2 million shares of Tesla stock to the foundation which was worth $2,100,000 million at the time. Elon donated 100,000 to doctors without borders in 2012 alone. Elon has donated to various charities all over the world. 

     For example, four years ago in Flint, Michigan, scientists found toxins and lead that contaminated the water. The water in Flint was contaminated due to aging pipes letting of lead and exposing 100,000 citizens to high lead levels. Elon Musk donated $480,000 to Flint so they could add water fountains and filtration systems in the schools for the kids. The kids were able to fill up their water bottles and drink clean water rather than toxic water. Donated funds were used to put in a UV water filtration system to decontaminate the water. 

     In late 2017 after Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico knocking out power and making drinking water scarce, Elon Musk helped by donating $250,000 so that Puerto Rico could buy rechargeable batteries and solar panels. After the hurricane the street lights stopped working, hospitals and schools shut their doors, and communication was cut off. They were able to get the biggest children’s hospital back up and running for people to use. Tesla was also able to work and complete six more battery projects to power multiply buildings including the boys and girls club, sanitary sewer plant, and the water pump plant. They shipped up to 1,000 batteries to 662 different locations around Puerto Rico.

     Many people in the world support environmental justice and social justice, but Elon Musk is one of the strongest supporters. Elon Musk’s support has created a domino effect after he donated $15 million to the Xprize program to help with global learning. Xprize is a nonprofit organization that encourages technological advances that help humanity. According to Carolyn Fortuna, in her article “Musk’s Philanthropy deserves headlines,”  ” The contest challenges the teams to develop a way for developing countries to help kids teach themselves the basic reading and writing skills. The competition was started in 2014 with 700 teams from 55 different countries; they gave the product to 2,500 school kids in eastern Tanzania to test out if it was successful.”

     Elon Musk was dealt a good deal of cards, and he took them and he spread the love to other people. He has donated his money towards very important causes that have not gotten the recognition that it should have. In short, Elon Musk has become a true philanthropist after his efforts towards others.

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