Meet the Drum Majors


Savannah Sturdivant (left) and Jordan Henry (right)


When a marching band show is put together, the drum major serves as an important factor. This person holds a great responsibility of keeping the band together and communicating with the band as a whole. This year the band members and directors voted and selected two drum majors for this marching band season. The two drum majors for this year’s season are Savannah Sturdivant and Jordan Henry.

A lot of preparation and thought goes into deciding on a drum major.  Jordan Henry, junior drum major, decided to be a drum major for multiple reasons. Jordan stated, “All of my close family has been in band so the program has greatly impacted me over the years.” She continued, “I also believe that those that have the ability to lead have the responsibility to lead.” Savannah Sturdivant, senior drum major, said she wanted to be drum major because she thought she had “the people and leadership skills to get things done.”

 A good deal of preparation went into trying out for both of the drum majors. Jordan knew she wanted to try out last year, so she would practice directing to herself when she had the time. She included, “When we received the recording, I practiced it in front of others so they could give me feedback.” Savannah stated, “I kept directing in a mirror so I could see if my directing was easy to read.”

Being a drum major brings a lot of responsibility, but it also brings some very rewarding aspects. One of Jordan’s favorite parts about being drum major is seeing everything at once. She included, “I’m able to help freshmen and 8th graders with their marching in ways I wasn’t able to before.” One of Savannah’s favorite parts of being drum major is all the friendships she has made through this leadership position. 

Some of the goals that Jordan has for this season are to help everyone “have fun and be productive.” She also included that we should all be moving forward through the rest of the season. Savannah has similar goals and also included, “Obviously, everyone wants to win state, so I think that would be the best thing to happen.” Giving advice to anyone who wants to try out for drum major in the future, Jordan advised listening to fellow students and take criticism. “Listen, adapt, and overcome.” Savannah advises people wanting to try out to “show your leadership now, people will take notice so when you try out they will vote for you.” She also included to make sure you have a true passion for it.

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