Dress Code

Dress Code

Some of the students in the school like the dress code for them, as I do, I think that some people like the dress code because they have the style that follows the dress code and they like it to stay that way. Mrs. Copper thinks “that the dress code is a good thing because the dress code when she was in school was not strict at all.” Mrs. Wolf said she agrees with having a dress code, she feels like there are different stipulations with females than there are for males. The people who don’t like the dress code probably have a different style than other people but it is not appropriate according to the dress code but they still try to wear their style but they get angry when they get dress coded by teachers or other staff members.  Mr. Hurst thinks that “Jeans are easier to tell that someone is showing too much than seeing if someone’s shorts are too short. He also disagrees with the jeans and shorts because if the shorts are too short then we will see the same thing if not more with the holes in your jeans. 


Some people don’t even read the handbook about the dress code but those people should because then they won’t get angry by getting dress coded from the teachers or other staff members. Mr. Smith: “I believe that the school board is the voice of the community and they want to send out students knowing how to dress professionally and modestly.


       The teachers think that the dress code is more directed to females than to males. The teachers’ have said that the teachers dress according to the student dress code and want a teacher dress code to show more modesty and professional to all the students or other teachers. It seems that since the dress code is to be enforced it brings stress to the teachers and other staff that has to make sure the dress code to be followed. The teachers think that clothes are not for beauty contests because school is for learning not how people are dressed. Mrs. Bower: “If it is a dress code for the student it should be a dress code for teachers.” There have been several times where I have seen teachers not following the teachers dress code. We are to set examples. How are we to dress code students if the teachers don’t follow

the dress codes My biggest issue is that all teachers and students should follow the rules. Also that everyone should be getting dress coded, 6-12 grade.

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