The Maine Review



As a girl who has grown up listening to various types of music, music is a very important aspect of my life today. Music has gotten me through many rough days, has built many bonds, and has taught me several lessons. Also, music has expanded my vocabulary.
While most people find themselves listening to the same few artists in the same genre of music, I tend to think of myself as universal when it comes to music. I listen to just about any music I can and discovering new music is one of my absolute favorite ways to pass time. Similarly, I also enjoy sharing new music with others who are interested.
I’ve been following a band called The Maine on Instagram for some time now. I’ve never truly listened to them, but they had an intriguing name, prompting me to follow them on social media. I thought that by following them, I would be reminded to look into their music the next time a post of theirs came across my feed; however, I was wrong.
The Maine is an American rock band from Arizona. Formed in 2007, the band consists of John O’Callaghan, Jared Monaco, Garrett Nickelsen, Patrick Kirch, and Kennedy Brock. The band has released six studio albums and eight extended plays. Their debut album, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, was released in July of 2008.
When listening to new music, I have a general rule that I have to listen to at least three different songs to decide if I like the artists’ music or not. From there, it becomes my choice if I continue to listen to the artist or never listen to them again. Since I use the music streaming service Spotify, it turns out to be easiest just to listen to the first three of five songs that come up under “Popular” on the artists’ page.
The very first song that appears under the “Popular” column is called “Black Butterflies and Déjà Vu.” The song has a very indie vibe while also having many more sounds that contribute to the alternative genre than most Indie songs would. The lyrics of the song along with the music itself creates a very lovesick mood almost as if The Maines frontman John O’Callaghan is struggling to find words to describe how much he loves his girlfriend.
The second song, “Numb Without You,” is once again talking about John O’Callaghan’s love for someone. This song has an Alternative Indie sound again, but this time there isn’t nearly as much of an alternative genre present.
The third song, “Don’t Come Down,” is in my opinion, the most Indie-Pop song out of the three. The lyrics to Don’t Come Down appear as if they are describing the feelings of joy and excitement one might experience at a concert. The song fits under the Indie genre of music very well and it almost reminds me of a One Direction song.
Overall, I enjoyed listening to The Maine. I’m very excited to dive deeper into their music, and I would recommend the songs named above.

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