My Youth Group


Almost everyone has someplace he or she can go to relax, enjoy oneself, and have a good time. It could be somewhere as simple as a bedroom, or it could be across the country. Having this place is a necessity for most because it allows one to forget about daily stresses and anxieties. Radiate is this place for me. Radiate is a youth group ministry that reaches out to children and teens fifth grade to 12th grade. Radiate is a very accepting, fun place where everyone that attends can be themselves and have a great time. 

Jeremy Jones, my father, started Radiate. He is also the pastor of Cornerstone Community Bible Church, which is the church affiliated with the youth group ministry. Radiate was first started in 2009, and it has been growing ever since. New people are constantly coming through the doors of Radiate every Sunday evening. 

My friends and I are always talking about and looking forward to Radiate every week. I love inviting new friends and showing them how much fun we can have while also learning more and growing through Christ. At Radiate, I am able to be myself with my friends and also build my relationships with them. It is very helpful being able to go into my school week with a refreshed mind and soul. 

Hannah Plauschin, one who has been coming to Radiate since I can remember, said, “Radiate has been a welcoming place where I can reconnect with God through my busy schedule. I have been going to Radiate since 5th grade, and it still welcomes me with open arms. Radiate provides me with valuable lessons, eye-opening bible verses, and long-lasting friendships.” 

Alfonso Carrillo, someone who I recently invited but has not missed a week since, said this quote from Mahatma Gandhi reminds him of Radiate. ”Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” 

If you were to die tomorrow, do you know where you would go? Going to Radiate can allow one to develop a stronger bond with Jesus, and now I know where I am going when I die because of Radiate. Radiate teaches one about Jesus and allows him or her to learn more about Him everytime he or she goes. 

At Radiate, something is special about each week. We start with some icebreaker games such as my personal favorite, 9 Square. The goal of 9 Square is to keep the ball out of your square, but also in bounds. If the ball is hit out of bounds or lands in your square, you are out. Once everyone has had his or her fill of games, we start a lesson. These lessons change each week and include topics that relate to us, make us think about our decisions, and allow us to get closer to God. After these lessons I feel refreshed and filled with the Spirit of God. 

Sometimes, we break down into small groups to allow each one of us to have some personal time to speak about how the lesson affected us. I really enjoy these because it allows people to be more open and share what they need to. It is sometimes difficult to talk about our feelings and struggles in front of a huge group of people. 

Tons of new people have started coming recently. Most of them are younger than me, but some are my age. I love building relationships with kids that are younger than me because it allows me to be a good mentor to them. I know that some of the kids that go to Radiate look up to me in some way, and I feel as though I have a duty to be a good role-model  to them. 

Having a safe place where I can be one-hundred percent myself is something I cherish greatly. I know that I will always have Radiate to be this place for me. I look forward to Radiate on the week days, and I know that some of my friends do as well. Radiate allows me to be myself, be a role-model, and have a great time, but most importantly, learn more about Jesus Christ. 




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