Walton Webcasting- Livestock Like You’ve Never Seen Before

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Walton Webcasting- Livestock Like You've Never Seen Before

Owning a company can be a dream for people.  They can create something that can change the world for the well being.  That is what my parents were thinking when they decided to start Walton Webcasting.  My parents started Walton Webcasting back in 2010. They have been working hard and expanding the company over the years.  They have been traveling all over the United States of America. Not a lot of people know much about Walton Webcasting.

First, Walton Webcasting is a live video production company.  It gives people the ability to watch live events whenever they occur in the livestock industry.  The website of Walton Webcasting contains archived events from the past. http://www.waltonwebcasting.com  The promotion is a full production company.  It produces commercials for companies used for advertising.  The company also produces documentaries about people and their farms.

Next, Walton Webcasting films livestock shows all over the country.  The farthest they have gone is to Phoenix, Arizona. Originally, Walton Webcasting used to film sports and livestock shows.  They filmed sports from 2010 to 2016. They would film sports from all Cass County schools plus Twin Lakes and Kokomo. The sports that they filmed were baseball, football, and basketball.  The only sport that I filmed was basketball sometimes. I would always help with setting up before Lewis Cass football games. They would have to get to Lewis Cass about two hours before the game started so they would have enough time.  They would have to get the cameras set up on their tripods, plug in all the cables, and set up the announcer’s desk. The same is said for when they travel to livestock events. They get up early in the morning to get the trailer all set up.  They get the cables, tripods, cameras, and production tables all in the trailer. Once they get to the fairgrounds, then they set up everything. If the event will take a couple of days, then they find the closest hotel. After the final show is done, then they tear down everything and head back to Walton.  They webcast at state fairs, county fairs, and other livestock events. They also webcast people’s private farm’s livestock sales. Walton Webcasting provides promotional tools for events and farms. They produce commercials that advertise and promote an event or a farm. They also create educational videos to educate the youth in the livestock industry.

Then, the company uses television style production equipment to originate their shows.  They use video switching equipment and high definition cameras. Walton Webcasting uses trained employees.  They train employees how and what to shoot with their camera. The company trains employees on the art of show production.  

Walton Webcasting is a live video production company.  It gives people the ability to watch events live in the livestock industry.  They webcast livestock all over the country. They go to state fairs, county fairs, and other livestock events.  The company uses video switching equipment and high definition cameras. My parents plan to keep the company running for a very long time.  Maybe one day I will run the company myself.

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