A Whole New World


No one enjoys stressing over assignments because everyone would rather just lounge around and watch movies in bed. Some movies can really excite one and make him want to get up and jump or other movies that are not particularly enjoyable. Where magic is alive and dreams come true, Aladdin is a wonderful disney movie. 

So many plot twists occur and confusion are aroused as well as the occasional singing. Lots of movie lovers usually enjoy watching musicals and movies with a little sing song here and there, but, in my opinion, I thought that there was too much of singing in Aladdin. Even in the original animated movie the singing was not as continuous or overfilling as it was in the live action movie. Everytime something slight occured, the character would start singing about it and it made my sister and I roll our eyes because even though they have great voices, we just wanted to see more acting and less singing; however, that is just our own preferences. 

In addition to this, I know the movie is supposed to be fictional, but who trusts a stranger after one hour? I would most likely go along with someone who was trying to help me escape from a mean old guy but to continue trusting one not knowing his or her intentions is just unrealistic in my opinion. The movie was still fairly impressive and had lots of humor thanks to Will Smith and other actors involved in the movie. Another time I really thought was clever was when the movie started off with Will Smith’s character telling his children a story that happened to be true, and it all falling into place towards the end of the movie. His character started by telling a story in which the wife, whose face had not been shown yet, had inclined him to do. Towards the end they stated how they wanted two children three years apart with the camera zooming in and finally revealing the wife’s, the princess’s handmaiden, face. 

What I did like about this movie was the climax of when the Sultan approved of his daughter being the next Sultan and first woman to do so, because they believed only males were fit enough to rule and the women were just a pretty face that needed to sit and listen. Another scene I enjoyed was the part when Aladdin outsmarted Jafar and tricked him into becoming a new enslaved genie confined to whatever his master wishes, followed by Aladdin freeing Genie from enslavement. That really showed the true friendship between Aladdin and Genie as well as the cleverness and cunning character Aladdin expresses. 

Overall, the movie had good parts and bad parts about it, and I would obviously recommend it for kids under the age of twelve or any one who enjoys watching Disney movies. I wouldn’t mind re-watching the movie but would probably try to avert from doing so. Many outstanding movies have been made and produced that will make it fairly difficult to be topped. In my opinion, Aladdin is most likely top fifteen in my list.

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