Is Billie Eilish Overrated?



Billie Eilish is a popular teen music artist that is listened to all over the US. Her number one top hit “Bad Guy” released this year, is listened to by many teens, including myself. Her songs are becoming more and more popular by the years. She has a whopping 40.9 million followers on instagram and she’s slowly climbing closer and closer to the big stars, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian.

        Her latest album called “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”was streamed 65 million times on June 3, 2019 and 13,000 copies of the full albums were sold. Many questions are asked about her clothing choices. In her own words, she says “Nobody can have an opinion because they haven’t seen what’s underneath.” She says that she wears these clothes so outsiders can’t objectify her based on her body shape.

        Billie’s fans comments on the clothing subject differ from other fans. Some say the fact Billie has to hide her body so people can’t judge her tells a lot about today’s society. Others say it’s a good thing and they respect her for letting no one make assumptions about her.

Yet, we still haven’t talked about the main topic yet. Is Billie Eilish overrated? I asked a few of my classmates and friends what their thoughts about Billie were. Two of my classmates have identical thoughts on her. They both said “Some of her songs are actually good, and I like to listen to them. Others are just depressing and it seems like she seeks attention from them.” I asked yet another classmate her opinion and she said “I really like Billie and her new album especially. She has a beautiful  voice and her songs really portray her.” I asked the question to all three students, “Is Billie overrated?” The first two students agreed that she is, “Her music is too depressing, and she isn’t that good for the amount of people that listen to her music.” The third person says “I definitely don’t think she is underrated but she isn’t overrated either.”        

Looking back on these different opinions make me wonder if she is overrated for the number of people that don’t like her music, is definitely less compared to the ones that do. Though lots of teens like her music, I’ve also heard a lot of older people say they don’t like her music either. I think a lot of people enjoy listening to her music, tops the number of people that don’t which means we have an answer. Billie Eilish is in fact, not overrated.

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