The Monon Bell


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High school rivalries can be heated as you have seen but there is nothing like the Monon Bell football game. This is the 126th year that Wabash and Depauw have faced off, and it should be an aggressive game. Wabash is an all-boys college located in Crawfordsville, Indiana, just a stone’s throw away is Depauw University. The winner of the game was awarded the famous bell and gets to keep it for a year. Some years the loser side will even try to seal the bell before the game.
The series is in Wabash’s favor with them up 62-54-9. There have been many streaks that each team has had with the biggest one being seven coming from Wabash, spanning from 2009-2015. This season Wabash has a record of 6-2 while Depauw has a record of 4-4. Quarterback for Wabash (Jake Rieth) won last year and would make it three times in a row for Wabash.
In the past, both sides have tried to steal the bell. It has been stolen nine times since the start of the rivalry. There have been some memorable moments when they have tried to seal it and they are very funny. One year a student from Wabash pretended that he was an Information service representative from New Mexico and convinced the president from Depauw to give two scholarships to Mexican students. He asked the president if he could take pictures of the school to show the new students. The president showed him everything and even the bell. Later that day other Wabash students went and stole the bell and took it back to Wabash. The day before the Monon Bell game Wabash administration took the bell back to Depauw. When Wabash won they rushed the field with sombreros and threw tortillas onto the fields. Other attempts were not as well thought out like this but they are all very interesting to read about, but the bells always get taken back to the winner. I think that if they steal it they should keep it till the game.
The rivalry started back in 1890 and is one of the oldest rivalries in college football. The first game was 35-6 with Depauw winning. During the game both sides share vulgarities, but it is a lively game. The team that hosts always has to bring extra seating options because of the number of people that come. My favorite part is at the end towards the end of the game, and the past winner gets to take the bell and circle the fields while ringing. The other team is shamed and their reactions are priceless. Sometimes there will be bottles thrown onto the field.
The Monon Bell game happens every year and it is something I look forward to. I can see my brother (Noah) that I don’t get to see often. The game takes place on November 16. The excitement I have cannot be explained. I’ll have to wait a week more to yell and support ol’ Wabash.

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