Take a Look into Flawless!

"You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you." Songs of Songs 4:7



Ninety teenage girls walk in the doors as strangers with no idea what is about to take place. All with different stories, different situations, and different problems within their lives. Welcome to Flawless. 

Flawless is an event that mentors young teenagers to help them begin or grow in their walk in faith. I had the opportunity to mentor at the Flawless that took place this November at Cross America. I had mentored last November and loved the experience so much that I became very excited to serve again. Let me start off with summarizing what a day in Flawless looks like to help draw one’s mind a picture. 

Ninety teenage girls sign in and get placed at 15 different tables. Each table consists of three mentors and six teenage girls. The day then starts rolling pretty quickly as we introduce ourselves and watch a few videos on how girl’s today aren’t very confident due to always feeling they have flaws. The girls throughout the day sit through five talks given by different individuals about their journeys through life. These stories hit girls differently and really opened up some of the girl’s hearts. After every talk the girls would discuss with their tables the talk and have time to ask questions. Throughout the day the girls also get to sing, listen to music, watch skits and dances, and eat lots of fun foods. Then at the end, the celebration begins and each girl writes a negative word they label themselves as and then rip it up to say she is flawless. 

The day is filled with so much fun in such little time. However, this event can be such a powerful movement. The day is all about proving to girls that they are absolutely flawless in the eyes of Jesus Christ. This point is represented all throughout the day and affects several of the girls. At my table this year, we ended up only having four girls because two didn’t show up. However, I would say this was in the Lord’s plan because each one of those four girls walked out saved after the Flawless event. 

As a mentor, I never thought about how the girls must feel coming into this event with so many new faces. However, this last event Cana Jones, a sophomore at Lewis Cass, went through as a guest. She said, “When I first arrived at Flawless, I was both anxious and excited. I had no friends that were in my group, so I was excited to make new ones. I am very outgoing, so I was nervous that I would talk too much and that everyone else would be very quiet.” I’m sure a lot of the other girls were just as nervous. However, as the day went on, the girls quickly bonded with both each other and the Lord. As Cana says,”My group and I got closer as the day went on, and I even became good friends with a couple of new girls! I felt very refreshed and happy at the end of the day, and I am very excited to help out at the next one!” 

Overall, Flawless is such a neat organization! I am so blessed to be a part of it, and I would love to see more teenage girls get involved. The next Flawless will be in April, for this event happens twice every year. To be a guest one must be 11-15 years old, but if older you may join as part of the team and become a mentor. I’m so excited for the next event, and I hope to see the Lord touch each girl’s heart as she enters the doors.

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