For The Brand

For The Brand

With winter coming and the weather turning into snow and ice, what is there to do for a guy like me. With the terrible temperatures outside, going outside will not be one of the activities. So now, I have to find a different way to fill my free time on weeknights. Recently I have been watching former Colts punter Pat McAfee and his youtube channel and podcast called The Pat McAfee Show. 

When Pat McAfee retired from the NFL in February of 2017, it came as a shock to all Colts fans and to the rest of the NFL. Mr.McAfee stayed in Indianapolis and started finding different jobs all over the place. From college football to the WWE, Pat has really done it all. With all these different jobs and companies he has been with, he enjoys talking about his experiences either good or bad. Pat also talks about life as a professional athlete and how amazing it was holding balls for the greatest kicker ever in Adam Vinatieri. So with so much to talk about why not hear from this man. 

I have been a loyal follower of Pat McAfee on his Youtube channel for this past month. From listening to him talking about his terrible experience at the World Series to then him talking about riding on Colts Owner Jim Irsay’s private jet for a WWE event, it have been a fun month watching him. Each episode is full of laughter and just moments that are out of this world. Pat makes each topic very special by how he explains his experience at the moment and his outlook when it happened. 

My favorite episode by far is when he talked about riding one of Jim Irsay’s private jets to Buffalo, New York. The story started with him watching football at home and then he got a text from famous pro wrestler Triple H saying you home? Pat, of course made this a very funny moment saying something like is this even real. Pat had to fly to South Dakota on Saturday morning for College Gameday, but Triple H wanted him for Friday night Smackdown in Buffalo that night to be a commentator because people from WWE were stuck in Saudi Arabia for some odd reason. Pat said yes and soon discovered there was no flights from Indianapolis to Buffalo so he had no clue what to do. So he called a Colts representative to see if he could borrow a jet to get to Buffalo and Irsay said go do it. This was the most wild episode of all time.

Pat has made me a loyal fan and I will keep watching his very entertaining show. Hopefully more crazy stories like the Irsay’s jet keep happening because those are great. I hope Pat keeps doing his podcast because it really brings laughter and fun to me and other people around this country. Pat would say “For the Brand!”

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