Airpod Pro

Airpod Pro

     The new Airpods have come out again, and this year I don’t know how to feel. They have some cool features to them, but the look makes me want to puke. This year they decided to change the general look of the Airpods. The features they added are very helpful and are a large improvement to prior years. Apple took a steep, and for some people, it was a hit and a miss.

     The features that are in the new Airpods are amazing in some cases but a flop in others. The great features that add something to your listening experience are the transparency mode, noise cancellation, increased battery life, and windproof microphone. There is also many bad features to them such as the cost, and it’s hard to get the Airpod out and back into the case. The size is also a major change but it didn’t affect the functions of the Airpods.

     First, I wanted to go through the positive changes. The transparency mode is a feature where you can listen to your music and still hear the outside noise. This is very useful because you could be on the subway listening to your music and you might miss your stop, but with transparency mode, you can listen to the conductor and your music. The noise cancellation is just like transparency mode like that but on the other side of the scale. This would work perfectly in an airplane you could switch it on and not hear a peep. You would be able to listen to your music in complete silence. The battery life didn’t increase too much, but it is always nice to have that extra hour and not have to charge it that often. 

     “The case itself has a battery life of over 24 hours and charges your Airpods too” according to Joe Rossignol writer for MacRumors. Finally, there was my favorite change, a windproof microphone. I have the regular airpods and when I call someone in the wind, often the person cannot hear me. The new ones can block out the wind so that the person that you are talking with doesn’t have to deal with the noise.

     Not all the features they added were not all good some of them were just plain stupid. The cost of the new Airpods is outrageous. They want you to shed out $249 to just buy some headphones that are very alike from the past generation. This is what is stopping most people from purchasing the new ones from the old ones. They added a couple of new features, and they expect people to pay $60 more. One small feature that is bad is that is hard to get the actual Airpods in and out of the case. The size of the Airpods affects the ability to easily take the earphones effectively.

     Overall, the new Airpods were kind of a disappointment. They were too expensive, for the features that you received. Airpods themselves are great and amazing headphones, but the price of them is steep. In short, Airpod pros have some great features, but I think that they are not worth because the older ones are less expensive and practically the same.

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