Disney+: An Ode to Our Childhood


Let me take you back and set the scene for you.


You’re in elementary school, your mom just woke you up, and you run to the window to confirm the cancellation she just announced. You fire up your toaster and put in three Eggo waffle strips (or toaster strudels if you were an unsophisticated 8 year old) and pour yourself a glass of milk. You have a day full of care-free high jinx and the day is in your full control. You might make a snowman and warm up with a hot chocolate, but if you are like me, you turned on the TV and punched in the number 45, Disney Channel. Unlike today, the shows running at that time were elite television and captivated me and my peers for hours until our mothers yelled at us to go outside. Shows like The Suite Life of Zach and Cody, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Cory in the House dominated the radio waves and brainwashed the youth. We loved this era of our lives and we can now relive it once again. Forget the little Easter eggs Disney has dropped the last couple of years by providing sequels of our favorite childhood movie because we have a plethora of these shows and movies at our demand with Disney+.

I sometimes forget how much Disney owns these days and I also remember the forgotten gems Disney produced back in the day. Disney owns Pixar, National Geographic, and Marvel. Our favorite superhero movies, the hidden world of animals, and nostalgic movies are all within our reach. The subscription is 6.99/a month and I consider this a bargain because of the six hundred and thirty-nine shows and movies already available to users on launch day. Also, subscribers of this site will benefit by having access to exclusive movie releases such as the new Marvel movie, Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The overwhelming, powerful influence Disney has over Hollywood is on display with this subscription. The site temporarily shut down on launch day because of over ten million individuals trying to stream at once. The issues have since been resolved and the fun has resumed. 


 I have tested it out and while scrolling I was amazed and somewhat fearful of the wormhole I could dig myself into with this program. Superhero fans, wildlife enthusiasts, or adults trying to grasp for a reminder of their youth all have a home here. The only issue I would have with the app is the possibility of destroying a once loved memory. They say don’t meet your heroes, but should you also not relive your childhood. That is the beauty of being a consumer; the choice is for you to decide. Our childhood is preserved within this app and I just hope whoever watches this watches responsibility and is able to keep up with their homework.

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