Are you Christmasing too Early?


It’s only the second week in November and people already have their Christmas trees up. Don’t get me wrong. I love Christmas just as much as the next person, but this an outrage. Why would some people put up their christmas tree this early? Who wants to skip over Thanksgiving? Some people go as far as putting up their trees before halloween. I don’t like when people skip over holidays. Why do you want to make your life go by really fast? Some people can’t handle the wait as Mckayla Thompson said “ My mom is getting anxious.”

So people put up their Christmas tree before halloween. Everybody who puts their tree up before halloween is crazy. I mean why skip a holiday that gives out candy for free? You get to dress up and be whatever you want and get free candy for it. Granted, I love candy so I like Halloween, but still you should never skip over holidays. Thanksgiving, for example, is the second best Holiday because I get to eat all the turkey and food while I watch football or even play football like the Kings could this Thanksgiving. I love winter and everything about it, so I love Christmas but I still never want to skip over Thanksgiving. 

Me being a senior this year I have learned to stop and smell the roses. In other words, I like to enjoy things like a small win or maybe a good practice or a good day. Halloween or Thanksgiving is something I like to enjoy because I like to enjoy things with my family and friends. By skipping those Holidays, I don’t get to do that and I can’t take the time to enjoy life for a second. I don’t want to wish my life by. When people put up their trees so early, I always think they are wishing a small part of their lives away because they are not stopping and smelling the roses. 

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is that I get a break off life for a little bit I get time to just sit back and relax. Thanksgiving gives me time to recollect myself and not worry about school or sports or life in general. Yes, Christmas gives me that too, but Christmas is just too far away from other breaks that I may get so It’s nice to have that small time to myself. Hopefully the only thing I have to worry about this fall break is playing football at Lucas Oil on Saturday. 

So are you Christmasing to early? Remember don’t wish your life away. Stop and smell the Roses.

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