When I find myself with some free time, I always like to find a good show on Netflix. After scrolling through the numerous options, I decided to start watching Atypical. The first episode immediately interested me and kept my attention, so I continued watching the show. Atypical tells the story of a teenager who falls on the autism spectrum named Sam. In the beginning of the show, he decides that he wants to explore romance and find his first girlfriend. This worries his mom who becomes scared at the thought of her son becoming independent. Sam’s new goal not only affects his own life, but it also affects the people who love and care about him. 

One of the most important parts of Sam’s life involves research; he finds comfort in researching and increasing his knowledge about various topics, especially penguins. Therefore, his first instinct when searching for a relationship is to do his research. Sam finds information about dating from his friends, the internet, and his own observations of different couples. He doesn’t have the best luck finding someone in the beginning. For example, he tells a girl that she will be his “practice girlfriend” until he can be with the girl he really wants, and this information immediately scares the girl away. However, Sam continues his search for someone until things start to look up for him. 

The show not only explores Sam’s adventures in searching for a relationship but also explores the new experiences of his family members. His sister Casey discovers shocking information that makes her question so many parts of her life. Sam’s mom also discovers and explores something new in her life, but she doesn’t know if she’s making acceptable decisions and becomes overwhelmed with her actions. 

I really enjoy this show because it serves as a comedy but also includes many heartwarming scenes and aspects. The show provides numerous jokes but also shows a family that experiences various setbacks but still always tries to find a way to fix their relationships with each other. Also, each episode isn’t too long, so the show is easy to watch and follow. Three seasons are currently available on Netflix, and the show is rated TV-14 for minor sexual references and language. Atypical is definitely an entertaining and lighthearted comedy that does a great job of keeping one’s attention, and I recommend this show to anyone who is looking for a funny but heartwarming show to watch.      

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