Denver Breakfast Places

Denver Breakfast Places

About a month ago I was blessed with the opportunity to visit Colorado. In Colorado, I experienced snow for the first time in months, flew on an airplane alone, and ate a lot of foods that are different from what we have here in Indiana. I visited three brunch places while I was visiting with my sister, and I’ve decided to review them even though you’ll probably never eat there.

The first place we went to was Denver Biscuit Company. The whole menu is fixated around biscuits served in different ways. I was a little overwhelmed from all of the ways biscuits could be served, but thanks to my sweet tooth, it didn’t take me long to decide on what I wanted to order. I ordered a dish called “Strawberry Shortcake,” and it was exactly what it sounded like; a biscuit smothered in strawberry sauce and topped with whipped cream. When I first heard ‘biscuit,’ I was expecting the Pillsbury type; however, the biscuits were homemade and a lot larger. The biscuit itself was delicious and tasted a lot better than a biscuit from a can. When combined with strawberries and whipped cream, it tasted almost exactly like a regular strawberry shortcake with angel food cake.

The second place we visited was Sam’s No. 3. Out of the three places we visited, this was the only one that we didn’t sit down and eat in the diner. Instead we opted for getting our food as take-out and taking it back to my sister’s apartment to eat. We weren’t particularly crazy about the idea of waiting up to an hour and a half for a table to eat at, so my sister’s apartment where we didn’t have to wait any time to get a table was ideal. Sam’s had a lot more options on the menu to choose from, but I decided on a plain biscuit and gravy.

Biscuits and gravy is simple, but it was still delicious. The homemade country gravy made the dish great. The biscuits from Sam’s were a lot different from Denver Biscuit Companies. They weren’t nearly as large and they were made with buttermilk.

The third and final place, Snooze; an AM Eatery, happened to be my favorite thanks to all the amazing smelling and sounding options they had on the menu. I was rather disappointed that I was only able to try one dish. I ordered Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes alongside of Hot Chocolate.

The pancakes had caramelized pineapple chunks inside of them with house-made vanilla crème and cinnamon butter on top. The pancakes were light and fluffy, and the entire plate not only smelled great but also looked amazing. The hot chocolate had whipped cream with nutmeg on top and reminded me of a coffee I had ordered from Starbucks days previous.

Overall, I would recommend these restaurants. It’s a shame we don’t have them here in Indiana, but I can’t wait for my next visit to Denver.

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