One Last Ride


Last Friday the kings played in the Regional Championship game at Andrean Highschool. Unfortunately, the result did not fall in our favor. It was a hard fought game, and we didn’t roll over. The worst part about losing the game is that it was the last time I would ever put on the shoulder pads, helmet, or lace up those cleats to go out and play another game of football. As a senior I wanted to go all the way to play at Lucas Oil Stadium for a state championship. I would give anything to go out on that field and play in the semi-state championship with my team. It is the worst feeling knowing that I will never be able to play another game of football with the people I have been playing with for the past 10 years of my life. 

We started in third grade playing as the Forty-Niners and the Bears. We played each other for four years as rivals. We wouldn’t even sit at the same lunch tables when we wore our jerseys to school because we didn’t want to get the weakness from the bears. I, of course, was on the Forty-Niners and never sat by one of my friends on the bears before game day. Each year both teams went almost undefeated because we had some real athletes on the teams, and when we joined together at Cass we were unstoppable. 

We went undefeated our years in Junior High. Our first game together, after joining together from the Bears and Forty-Niners to becoming Kings, we played at Lucas Oil for a scrimmage with North Western when the Varsity played a regular season game there. We rolled over North Western like a steam roller, and from then on we didn’t lose a game until we became freshman. 

When it came to play with the big Dawgs our Freshman year no one played varsity because we were all too small, but we had the heart to play. Every day since Freshman year we, the senior football players, worked our butts off to be as successful as we were this year. Every winter we had guys in the weight room getting bigger for next year. Our junior year is when almost everyone of us started varsity and we did great things. With almost everyone returning after a successful junior year, we had a great season this year and were very successful, but it ended earlier than expected. After working so hard to play at the top of our game and go far into the tournament, we fell a little short. I would do anything for a chance to play Andrean again and get a shot at a state championship, but, unfortunately, our time is up.

So my Dawgs, we had one heck of a season, and it’s sad to see it end. Although, we need to be proud of how well we did. We won Sectionals and we are Hoosier Conference champions. I am proud of all you guys; I wouldn’t want to be on the battlefield with anyone else. I would take you over any “non-recruit” from California. I love my dawgs, and I will always remember our time playing together.

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