Kings Wrestling


      Every winter I have something to look forward to, the beginning of wrestling. This year the wrestlers finally got a new room to call home. This is my first year as a high school wrestler, and I am very excited about what’s going to happen. Our team this year has some strong talent in our seniors. Last year the team advanced three wrestlers to semi-state with: Cayl Garland, Cade Cox, and Alex Myers, Cox and Myers are now college wrestlers. The team only lost 3 wrestlers from last years’ team, so this year could be a good season.

     The team is populated with strong wrestlers from each class. The freshman has some strong young such as Jensen Burrous, brother of CJ, is trying for a Varsity spot at 113. Jack Miller, brother to Samuel, will compete at 106, and Lucas Grist, a newcomer to wrestling, is wrestling at 113. Jensen Burrous has wrestled all his life, and he finally gets to use his skills in high school where it matters. Jensen has worked in the offseason, so I think that he will thrive in this year. Jack Miller also has wrestled for a long time and has gone to many off-season matches and practices. There is a tough fight between 106, and whoever comes out will be a good fit. Finally, Lucas Grist is a new wrestler that will have to work hard to compete with the more experienced wrestler. Overall the freshman class shows a ton of promise in future years.

     The Sophomore class features an experienced group of wrestlers. Four sophomores stand out to me. The Sophomore class, led by Karson Albright at 120. Albright is a strong wrestler that made it to regionals last year but has the skills to go even further this year. There are high hopes for him and I hope he can fulfill them. The next exciting wrestler is Adam Bandelier at 170 and he is a really fun wrestler to watch, he always runs the match and pushes the other wrestlers around. Next at 106, we have Kane Fowler, he is interesting on top, and his shots are rare, but when they happen they are fatal, because of its quickness. Finally, we have Erick Hardy, he is a massive guy that will be able to handle some heavier wrestlers. Erick is new to wrestling and I think that he will be into the throwing moves.

     The Junior class has some very skilled wrestlers. A new face in the class is Tyler McGuire at 106 or 113, and some more experienced ones in Payton Smith at 138, Ethan Stine at 152, and Nathanial Moss (Mossy) at heavyweight. Tyler is a first-year wrestler who is super strong, and when he develops a dominant couple of moves he will be great. Payton Smith is on his second year and last year he was an alternate at semi-state; although he did not get to wrestle in semi-state, he has the skills to go far. Ethan is a great wrestler that was JV last year but could crack the varsity lineup. He is a very enthusiastic wrestler and is fun to be around during the season. Mossy is a wrestler that loves the ties and the throws. It is a great time watching his matches because it always comes down to who can get the headlock in first.

     Finally, we have the seniors, and they are a good group of guys. The four seniors are Cayl Garland at 182, Samuel Miller at 120, Cael Bernhardt at 132, and CJ Burrous at 120 or 126. Cayl Garland is a great wrestler who made it to semi-state last year, and could advance this year. Cayls’ move that he loves to run is his superb lateral. Samuel is a great wrestler at 120 pounds.Samuel is able to do as well, because of the way that he pushes himself and the team. His wrestling style is one that you will want to watch. Cael is a great wrestler he has broken the record for freshman wins being 32. He advanced to semi-state in 2017 as a Sophomore. He has some interesting moves that he runs against people, such as the leg cradle. CJ Burrous is an experienced wrestler that has wrestled since he was a child. He has some very effective moves and is a fun wrestler to watch.

     The wrestling team this year has a lot of new wrestlers, and they will need to learn the strategies that help them win. The new people on our team are guided by the steady hand of our seniors, and our strong set of accomplished coaches. In short, we have a very young team, but they have the skills to advance through the season.


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