A Unique Understanding

In this photo our class enjoyed a nice, relaxing casual Friday.


In the midst of a large project, I thought a lot about how my experiences play a role in my life outside of school. The professionalism my peers and I learned over time plays a huge role in my life. Many of the business owners we meet exhibit a lot of entrepreneurship skills. They lead their teams by providing the best environment and tools to succeed. I want to own a business one day that makes a difference in society by helping out a mass amount of people. 

At the beginning of the year in CEO, I knew very little about business methodology. Multiple aspects go into assembling a prosperous company. Our first few weeks in class focused on leadership, networking, and thinking outside the box. Utilizing these skills in the workplace allows coworkers to succeed at difficult tasks by collaborating. To get a better perspective, the class visited numerous businesses and companies that prioritize marketing within their niche. The visit to B.E.S. in Windfall, Indiana, showed me the importance of capitalizing on the respective market. The owner Vance Voorhis started the company with his brother, but he recently went off on his own. He distributes to a wide variety of customers throughout Indiana and became the only producer in a few short years. 

After meeting successful business owners, I noticed the drive, urge, and determination to succeed in their employees. Most employers provide an abundance of incentives for their workers to stay happy, and maintain a hard-at-work attitude. Nick Pate is an excellent example of this method. He wants his employees to balance life and work equally. At State Farm in Kokomo, he oversees other insurance agents and even organizes special trips for them. He spoke to our class a few weeks ago and stressed the importance of keeping the business culture clean. This theme recurred multiple times within the first weeks of class. I found that culture stands as one of the most important things in business along with the atmosphere. Furthermore, the team pushes to develop an open, professional environment for the Summit. 

The learning experience between now and then changed my perception on business.

Owning a business encompasses more than making money. Operating a business is about creating an upbeat, productive environment. Many of the people we recently visited exhibit multiple qualities of an exceptional leader and owner. I want to implement these same concepts into my business venture. To create a great business, a great culture must initially be established by including employees to participate in teamwork activities

Through the first few months of Kokomo CEO,  I definitely changed my attitude and behavior towards life. Going to work shouldn’t serve as a chore, it should become a hobby to grow to enjoy. CEO taught me to go out of my comfort zone and engage. Working with a multitude of people allows me to meet important members in the community. A diverse group of acquaintances enables our team to make connections later in the spring. Once again, I preach that anyone interested in business or conversing with new people consider applying to the Kokomo CEO program.

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