Life as a Wreslter


The season is upon us. Wrestling season has just started and we have our first meet on Saturday. I am very excited for the year to start because I think I could do very well this year. I am hoping I can advance to the state finals this year. I think the team could also win our sectional. We have a very good team and all of our seniors are very good wrestlers and I am excited to see how the season goes. 

As every wrestler knows, the first thing we need to worry about is making weight. For every wrestler making weight is the most important because if I do not get to the weight that the coach has you down for, then get ready for the wrath of your coach. The next day, or Monday if it is a Saturday tournament, will be the worst practice you could ever imagine. Nothing can compare to missing weight. You don’t only let yourself down you let the whole team down as well. I would rather starve for a week straight than miss weight once. I have never missed weight before when it counted. I only missed weight once when I was on the JVteam and they just matched me with the closest guy. On the other hand, Samuel Miller missed weight one time that could have broken our season. He was a couple tenths off, but it doesn’t matter. He felt the wrath that is Coach Burrous the next day at practice. One of the hardest parts of wrestling is cutting so you can make weight. Most years I don’t have a problem because I am already down to what I need to be before the season starts, but this year is a different story. I had to cut 15 pounds this year in about a week so I could eat at Thanksgiving. I was living off cuties and PB&J’s for a week. I was miserable. 

I love wrestling and everything about it, but wrestling is a sport that takes a lot of practice, hard work, and pure will. To be a wrestler, you have to want to be there. If someone doesn’t want to wrestle but join the wrestling team, then they are only hurting the team. No one can do what wrestlers do. It is one of the hardest sports that someone can do. That is my favorite thing about wrestling. Not everyone can wrestle because you kind of have to be crazy to be able to put yourself into that much pain. I even have trouble sometimes because I don’t want to keep going, but if I do, then I know that I will be a great wrestler. I have played almost every sport that Lewis Cass offers at some point in my life, and I still think wrestling is the hardest sport. Wrestling takes a certain kind of mentality to be good at the sport. 90 percent of wrestling is having the mentality that you can keep going. You also have to know when to run certain moves and when not to run moves within a split second. Wrestling is a mental sport. 

I love wrestling and everything about it. I encourage everyone to come out and watch our home opener against Manchester on Tuesday, December 17th, to watch the team wrestle and see why it takes a special kind of crazy to wrestle.

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