Bert Kriescher

Bert Kriescher

     Recently this Sunday I watched Secret Time, a Netflix special, by Bert Kriescher, a standup comedian and a host for a reality tv show. He is one of my favorite comedians because of his crazy entrances and his ability to talk about his life freely. His jokes are not the cleanest, but he is funny nevertheless.

     Secret Time was released on August 24, 2018 I first discovered him when I was on Youtube one day and I saw clips from his shows. I watched one, and then I went down a rabbit hole and watched two hours off him. I needed more so I did what I always had and I went on Google to see if he had anything else. It told me that Bert had recently made a Netflix special, and I instantly watched it.

     Secret Time is a sketch where Bert tells stories and other funny bits that have happened during his life.When his show starts, he rips of his shirt and throws it into the crowd, and does his whole show without a shirt. He is very natural when telling his jokes. He really likes to talk about his kids because they are at the age that they do a lot funny things. His youngest kid puts deodorant into the fridge and puts a little under her nose because she can trust that other people will wear deodorant. When he is in his show, he gets really into it and is very fun to watch.

     Bert has not just tried to stay in the world of standup. In 2010 he starred in his Tv show Bert The Conquer, which ran for three seasons and had 40 episodes. He would go around the USA and ride crazy thriller rides, and participate in weird town traditions in spite of his fear of heights and the dangerousness of the traditions. Even though I was not able to watch the show, I saw a clip of him at Cedar Point riding MaxAir and he was screaming at the top of his lungs. He also participated in the Cooper’s Cheese rolling event where people race down a steep hill in hopes of making it down before the rolling cheese. Although this show is not on the air anymore, I would love for him to create a new one so that I could experience something like what I saw.

     Bert Kreischer is an amazing comedian and has done many great shows. I am eager for him to release a new standup sketched and make a new television shows. Overall, Bert Krischer is my favorite comedian, but I wish he would become more child friendly.

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