Finals Week is Almost Here

Finals Week is Almost Here

When thinking about Christmas, most people imagine trees, hot cocoa, movies, and spending time with family. That is what I used to think about until high school started. Now, when people talk about Christmas, the thing that comes to my mind first is finals. Sadly, finals begin next week. 

As many of you know, there is a drastic schedule change to make time for these heavy tests. Tuesday and Thursday of next week the schedule will be first period, second period, fifth period, return to second period, and then ending the day with third period. Wednesday and Friday, however, will be different. These days will be fourth period, sixth period, fifth period, back to sixth period, and then ending the day with seven period. 

Finals are one of the most dreaded things about high school. Countless hours of preparation, studying, stress, and anxiety are spent on these tests at the end of each semester. Finals consist of everything the class has gone over in the last eighteen weeks. As most of you know, all of this information can be easily forgotten or pushed to the very back of our brains. Because of this, many students spend an immense amount of time studying for finals. I asked a couple of classmates who care a lot about their grades approximately how many hours they spend preparing, studying, and working on their finals. Madison Dormer says she studies for a combined total of around fifteen hours for all of her finals last year. Aleya Mygrant studied for over thirty hours for all of her classes, “I studied for more than eleven hours for one class not including the time it took making the quizlet,” Mygrant said. 

A common theme I have noticed among my peers during this time is a lack of sleep. I have sports, babysitting, chores, and many other distractions during finals. Consequently, this causes me to stay up later than usual. The night before a test your brain needs sleep more than anything. According to NewScientist, napping is just as effective as revising, and it could even have a longer-lasting impact. The website also states that a good night’s sleep helps our brains consolidate what we have learned that day, so keep that in mind next time you find yourself up way too late studying. 

Parents can be a huge stressor during this time. Some parents expect a lot out of their children, only making the student’s stress worse. Parents threaten the loss of a phone, television, or privileges to go out with friends. These negative consequences given by parents can add a lot of unnecessary stress and worry to the situation and may lead the student to have a greater chance of failing. 

A lot of students care too much about finals grades, and I am one of them. I constantly remind myself that I am more than the test grade I earned on a difficult exam. Last year I had biology class fifth period. My teacher said the final was scheduled for one day, and then changed it on us. Very few people were prepared, and a lot of people who would have gotten A’s earned B’s or C’s. It was very upsetting for the students in my class because they cared about their grades a lot. Kaylie Williams, a friend in my biology class, said, “The result of that class affected me very negatively, and I thought about it for a long time. I was not happy with my grade at the end of the semester, and I know that could have been avoided.” 

All in all, although finals are an extremely stressful part of school, you are worth more than the grade you get on them. Study, but do not let it negatively affect your sleep or social life just to attain a good test grade. During finals week, remember to prioritize well, stay focused, and do not stress out too much. Good luck to everyone, you’ll do great! 

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