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Wonders Undersea


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I am personally a big fan of fiction novels that have a little bit of everything. By everything, I mean the humor, action, romance: the whole shabang. I believe this to be so much more fun to read and makes the whole plot much more interesting to get into. While reading, imagining what happens in your head or playing it out like a movie helps to be more infused with what is going on. For me, the Waterfire Saga Series has all of the above and is a fantastic read. 

In addition to all I have said before, I forgot to mention how absolutely obsessed I am with mermaids, royalty, and anything fairy tale related. It may sound as if I am some eight year old child but something about them just makes me so drawn to them. The magical feeling of knowing the impossible is possible and the excitement that comes with it makes it all so enjoyable. 

This extraordinary young adult series is about a headstrong mermaid princess who was just about to be initiated when an enemy attack occurred resulting in the death of her family and hundreds of thousands of her people. Her betrothed was nowhere to be found, and all her close advisories were missing. For the time being, her and her best friend were the only ones together, the sister of her betrothed. They travelled far and wide for she had been having dreams and visions about being called upon to be one of the six “sisters.” This consisted of a blood bound spell that made each young lady stronger and closer together. What they did from then on was up to them. 

The journey to and fro had been full of terrifying experiences and once in a lifetime opportunities. The amount of things that happened we would deem impossible occurred more often than a person could say pineapple three times in a row! Of course, this only made the story plot much more intriguing. Both girls were on their way to Serafina’s, the main character, uncle who had a grand army and could help the two march back and retrieve what was left of Serafina’s rightful throne. In addition to all of this happening, betrayal was another of many misfortunate happenings. 

The two princesses did their best to not be recognized and made a couple of friends who helped them along the way. A shocking occurrence that left Serafina bemused was that all the common people from her country, and everywhere else that heard news of the attack, believed her to be dead. As a result, this left the throne of the Mediterranean Sea in serious danger for nothing but evil attempted to claim it. 

Multiple plot twists occurred that I shall not spill at this moment if you are even the slightest bit interested in reading this series ever. I was on my toes every flip of the page and my anticipation only grew within each chapter. According to seriousbookreviews.com, “These books kinda took all my expectations and whirled them all around so that I didn’t know where this series was going.” I do not regret picking up this book and binge reading the series; so if you are looking for a good book to sit down and read or a nice fiction novel to gift a fairytale lover friend of yours, this is the one for you.

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