The Favorites of Holiday Snacks


     My favorite part about Christmas is its amazing selection of different treats that I can make and enjoy with my friends and family. Every year during Christmas break, I can make my “world-renown” sugar cookies. Last year was the first year I made them and my family loved them, but my family likes a lot more than just my cookies. My friends have never eaten my Christmas treats, but they also have Christmas favorites.

     My family loves Christmas, but my oldest brother Noah doesn’t care for sweets at all. Samuel loves eggnog. He doesn’t just drink it casually; he drinks it as a whole carton. My father loves a Christmas cookie and doesn’t care what kind it is. My mother and I make everything together during Christmas. We go from making Chex Mic to a Bus De Noel, a log cake. We branched out last year when we made the Bus De Noel, and it is difficult to roll it up and not rip the cake that we rolled it up with. I enjoy buckeyes because it is a perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate. They are very easy to pop into my mouth so I don’t realize how much I ate. 

     Other than my family Brock Mosier, a friend, likes Christmas tree cookies. He loves making them with his family while listening to Christmas music. He doesn’t like it when the cookies are caked with frosting because then he said they’re “too messy to eat.” He loves to drink a nice cold glass of apple cider, and sometimes he enjoys a slushie form of apple cider. I think that is odd because it is cold outside and he is drinking a summery winter drink.

     Jayla Thomas enjoys peppermint bark and makes it with her family often during Christmas. She loves the peppermint taste, but it also had a great subtle chocolate taste that makes it perfect. She also loves a nice warm hot chocolate. She does not like the marshmallows on the top; she just likes the hot chocolate plain. Her favorite Christmas food is a Gingerbread cookie. I have never liked a gingerbread cookie because ginger is not my favorite flavor. She can’t wait for her family to start making her Christmas treats and indulge all Christmas.

     Gannon Davis Loves a white chocolate covered pretzels and fudge. He usually eats them when he is at a family gathering during Christmas. He likes the sweet taste that he gets when he eats them. During his parties, he can drink the punch and lemonade that they have, and he enjoys them too.

     Christmas is a time to be with my family, and when I’m with them, I don’t want to forget to have some of my favorite treats. Make the best out of your break and enjoy your favorite treats.

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