Winter Winds Preview


A picture of the winter winds group from last year

After the marching band season ends for the year, band students have the opportunity to continue marching during the winter. Unlike ordinary marching season, winter winds takes place indoors on a tarp. Mr. Long, the new junior high band director, also took the position of head winter winds director when he was hired this year. Mr. Long and the students participating are very excited to see what this season holds. 

Previewing this upcoming season, Long stated, “This season, we are going to create a culture of positivity and respect towards self and others while also striving for excellence musically and non-musically.” Winter winds serves as a great way for band members to improve their musical and marching abilities for the next marching season. Long continued, “My final goal production-wise, however, is for our students to produce a show that they are completely proud of and glad to be a part of.”

Mr. Long helped out the marching band in numerous ways this past marching season, but his help will continue as he takes over winter winds as head director. Long stated, “I am excited and honored to be in this position for the first time.” He also enjoys having the opportunity to work with band students who are “driven, enthusiastic, and passionate” about band. Long included, “I really couldn’t ask for a better job.”

As many people know, the marching band won the state championship this past season. Receiving first place took a lot of hard work and motivation, and this great possibility stands with the winter winds group this year. “Winning a state championship in this activity is all conditional to performer buy-in and general cohesiveness.” If every band student puts in the hard work similar to this past marching season, then the winter winds group can put together an amazing show. Long included that everything past that is up to the opinions of the judges. 

Everyone that takes part in or has taken part in band knows that a lot of time and effort is needed to put together a show. Winter winds won’t be different in this sense; every student needs to put in the time in order to succeed. Long stated, “Hundreds of hours are spent preparing for and perfecting this four and a half minute show, but at the same time, we need every single moment of it to perfect the vision that has been cast on it.”

One of the parts of marching band shows that excites me the most is the theme of the show. All of the hard work put into every show serves as a way to bring the story or theme to life. The theme for this winter winds show is called “The Ascent.” The theme represents every individual’s personal struggle to reach “the top” of whatever achievement one wants to reach, whether it be academic or another personal goal. 

Long agreed, “The entire show is a fight to reach that point, with all its complexities and circumstantial realities. You won’t want to miss it!”  

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