Lewis Cass Winds 2020 Preview


The Lewis Cass Winds, as well as myself, are getting ready for our 2020 season. We’ve already started the season and we are already off to an amazing start. We are already working really hard with playing and marching. We are looking pretty good for very early in the season with how we are playing and marching. We also sound pretty good for how the whole band sounds. This is great for the beginning of the season. This is not any normal Winter Winds season though because we have a few major changes coming into the 2020 season.

For the Winter Winds group, e are going into the 2020 season as defending IPA Scholastic Winds A Champions. This is pretty big for us because it was the first state championship for the Lewis Cass Winds group. We went undefeated last season and won every single competition. That has never happened in the history of the Winds program. It was also the first season that we finally won competitions after starting the program in 2017. 

There is going to be some big changes coming into the 2020 season. One of the major changes is having a new director. Mr. Long is the new Lewis Cass Winds director after Mr. Muth had previously been the director the past three years. Mr. Long became the jr. high band director earlier this school year. This is also Mr. Long’s first time being the head director for a group for the high school band. 

I asked Mr. Long some questions about how the season will be and about the show. The first question I asked is, “What is it like to be head director of the Winter Winds group?” Mr. Long said “I am honored to work alongside such amazing and dedicated students this season. They make my job SO much easier.” 

Next, I asked Mr. Long “What does the Winter Winds show “The Ascent” mean to you?” “‘The Ascent’ is the story of the gradual pursuit to ‘the top’ that we endure as people” Mr. Long said. I also asked him what the show meant to him. Mr. Long said, “This means lots of different things for lots of different people. For some, it might first bring academic or athletic achievement to mind, but for someone else, it might be more something like settling conflict at home. We all fight and struggle to reach the top, and this sudden realization of achievement in the show is accompanied by a moment of celebration.”

Finally, I asked Mr. Long how the 2020 season will go. He said, “I think we have a lot of potential with the students that we have taken part in this activity this year. Each one of them is motivated and all contain a sense of urgency toward the task at hand, and really this key to success in any organization. If we continue to build that culture of positivity and excellence both musically and non-musically, receiving success (no matter what the judges say) at the end will most certainly be given. We are blessed her at Lewis Cass!”

I personally think this season is going to be great for the Lewis Cass Winds program. We have a new director for the first time, and Mr. Long has some amazing ideas for what this show is going to be. This year is the biggest the Winter Winds program has ever been, member-wise, since its first season in 2017. We currently have 51 members this season; as of last season we had 35 members. It’s a pretty big difference and I think we have made a huge impact on the program after winning state for the first time last season. I can’t wait to see how my fourth and final Winter Winds season goes. I hope I can end my marching career on a high note. Our first competition is on Saturday February 15, 2020 at Franklin Central High School. Come support the Lewis Cass Winds as we try and defend our crown.

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