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College Life

College occupies the mind of almost every high school student, including mine. Scholarships, academics, sports, majors, and many other factors go into choosing where to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to go to school. I am sure many of you reading have a place in mind that you are hoping to go, and many of you have no clue. I have always wondered what college is like and if it will be all that different from high school. Nathan Jones, my brother, is home from his first semester of college to answer some questions I have, and hopefully, I can answer some questions you may have as well. 

Nathan graduated Lewis Cass High School just last year. “I miss certain parts of it, like sporting events, friends, some of the teachers, and knowing everyone I go to school with,” said Nathan. “The thing I miss most about high school is being apart of paint crew and getting hyped with my friends every Friday night,” he adds. 

I know I will miss a lot of similar attributes of high school as well. I find myself very rushed to graduate sometimes, when in reality, I know I will miss high school.

Nathan attends a small, private, Christian school called Grace College in Warsaw, Indiana. His first choice was not Grace, however. Nathan also applied to Indiana Wesleyan and Ball State. “The applying process was easy, it was just time-consuming. I was really pushing for Ball State at first, but once I visited Grace’s campus, I didn’t need to look anywhere else. It was perfect.” 

  Jeremy and Rhoda Jones, Nathan and my parents, both attended Grace College, so as you can imagine, they were biased and wanted him to chose Grace. My parents met each other at Grace, and they loved their experience there. 

When choosing the college one wants to go to, majors play a huge part. “I started the year majoring in Exercise Science but I switched to Sports Management with a Minor in Biblical Studies,” says Nathan. 

The process of switching majors caused Nathan to be stressed because it can be inconvenient, and it can feel like you  are wasting your time. Exercise Science contained too many science classes that Nathan did not have interest in, so he knew he wanted to switch. Someone he knows switched his major six times, and he lives a successful life. This made Nathan more comfortable with the switch. A word of advice from Nathan; “Don’t be afraid to change your major or not even have a major for your first semester of college. At 18, you are young and still figuring out what you want to do with your life. It is common to start college with an undeclared major.”  

As one can imagine, high school is very different from college. You are on your own, providing for yourself, and making your own decisions. “I was obviously expecting a difference between college and high school, but the biggest one I’d have to say is just the workload,” says Nathan.

 In high school, I feel like the workload is a lot sometimes. It’s an unsettling feeling knowing that college will be harder and more stressful than high school. 

An upside of college is making your own decisions and practicing independence. Nathan says that this is one of the biggest differences between high school and college. “Living on my own is fun. I’m currently working at the YMCA in Warsaw, so I’m able to provide for myself, which feels good,” said Nathan. 

 I hope this interview answers some questions or concerns about your future. Nathan is very happy with his decision to go to Grace and he would not change anything about his decision. College can be stressful and challenging, but it is overall a great experience. 

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