First Varsity Wrestling Tournament

The role of a Manager


I could feel my heart beating out of my chest as I hit the record button. My eyes focused on the referee as he held up his color coordinated hands, signifying which wrestler earned the points. This past Saturday, the 7th, was the first varsity wrestling meet, and I was both excited and nervous for the long day ahead. It was dark, cold, and rainy, but the wrestling team, myself, and the rest of the managers were up and ready to go. We left the school by 7 am, and we were off to Maconaquah. 

If you know anything about wrestling, you know how crucial it is to make weight. Before we left Lewis Cass, Adam Bandelier did not make the weight class he was supposed to wrestle. If one does not make weight, he cannot wrestle, and he forfeits that spot. He lets the whole team down, and he lets himself down. Adam ran laps around the school, sat by the heater on the bus, and spit into a cup all to lose as much weight as he could before weigh-ins. 

“I felt really mad at myself for not working hard enough to lose the weight,” said Bandelier. “I was nervous about not making weight, but I was also nervous I was going to pass out due to dehydration,” he adds. 

Once we arrived to Maconaquah, he weighed in and realized he made weight. Luckily, he lost the extra six tenths to make his weight class. After weigh-ins Adam said, “I felt very relieved, but I also felt really sick.” 

Before the meet, I could sense the nerves and anxiety of everyone in the building, including myself. With eight schools attending, a mass of humanity was at this meet. The gym was not very big, so it was very close quarters. As a manager my job is to give the guys water, keep track of all our equipment, and most importantly, record all of the matches on an iPad. Since so many managers were there, we split up the work of recording. Rhiannon Troyer recorded all of the varsity matches while Emme Grisez and I recorded all of the JV matches. 

First, we faced Tippecanoe Valley. They were all very good wrestlers, and we did not do as well as they did. Rowdy Frey, a sophomore wrestler, won his match against them. “He was a below average wrestler, and he should probably join the basketball team.” Frey says jokingly. 

Kaine Fowler, Tyler McGuire, Rowdy Frey, Cayl Garland, and Karson Albright won their matches against Tippecanoe, but we lost in the end 54-30. Our second match was against North Miami, and we beat them 54-24. Our third match was against Maconaquah, who ended up winning all of their matches against other schools. They were the best team we faced all day. We lost to them 61-18. Karson Albright, Rowdy Frey, and Cayl Garland won their individual matches against Maconaquah. Our fourth match was against Whitko who did not have that many people on their team. Whitko had to forfeit six of it’s matches against us. We beat Whitko, and the ending score was 72-9. To end the day, we faced Rossville. We wrestled well against Rossville and ended up beating them 48-36. 

We left the tournament winning three matches and losing two. Cayl Garland and Karson Albright both had a great day and ended with records of 5-0. “I went into the day with a winning mentality,” says Albright. “My opponents were not as good as I anticipated, so that definitely helped,” he adds. 

The first varsity meet was a good experience. I learned more about what happens at a meet and what my duties are. “I thought you guys did a great job Saturday, and we definitely improved as the day went on,” said Coach Burrous. 

Everyone did a great job for their first meet, and I cannot wait to see how much we improve and succeed this season. Our next meet is this Saturday, the 21st, at 9:30am at Twin Lakes, and our next home meet is next Monday, the 23th, at 6:30pm against Southwood. Come and support your wrestlers!


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