I’m Watching YOU

You season one


Everything I once knew about Joe was a lie. I can’t see straight. I stumble trying to pick up the shattered pieces of glass while occasionally brushing my fingers up against the loose teeth I had just spilled onto the floor. My shirt, undergarments, and old phone all contained inside this box of horrors that my boyfriend has been hiding from me all this time. Peach’s diary and computer, Benji’s watch, but worst of all, the teeth of my deceased boyfriend followed closely behind my personal items. Joe, my incredible, flawless boyfriend murdered Benji, my ex, and Peach, my best friend. 

Although it may sound unbelievable, this is an exact scene that occurred in the show I just recently finished called You. This show takes place from the point of view of an overly obsessive stalker named Joe Goldberg. Whenever someone asks what you are watching, you coincidentally respond, “I’m watching You.” This is both creepy and ironic because the show puts you inside the mind of a stalker. 

This show takes place in downtown New York City with the main characters being Beck, the girlfriend that Joe takes advantage of, and Joe Goldberg. Other characters in the show are Peach, Beck’s best friend, Benji, Beck’s ex-boyfriend, and Paco, the boy who lives next door to Joe. 

The show begins in a book store owned by Mr. Mooney, Joe’s boss who treated him terribly. Mr. Mooney no longer works there, so Joe has taken over and runs it. Beck walks into the book store, and she catches Joe’s eye immediately. They make small talk, and Joe obtains an interest in her. After this encounter, Joe finds her address, place of work, and a countless amount of facts from her social media accounts. After subtly stalking her for some time, Joe and Beck begin to date. Through stalking her, Joe finds that she is sleeping with a guy named Benji. He knows that Benji cannot be in the picture if he wants to have a relationship with Beck, so for that, Joe kidnaps and kills Benji. Peach, Beck’s best friend, thinks Joe is not good for Beck and is very disapproving of their relationship. Because of this, Joe and Peach are always subtly at each other’s necks. Through more stalking, Joe discovers that Peach is obsessed with Beck a similar way he is. He discovers violating pictures of Beck on Peach’s computer and is repulsed that Peach feels this way about Beck. With Peach both knowing Joe is no good and being obsessed with Beck, Joe realizes he needs to kill her as well.  

All this time, Joe has taken items of these murders and put them in a box hidden away. Sadly, Beck found this box and uncovered everything Joe has been hiding. What does Joe do now? How does Beck get out of this now knowing she is living with a murderer? 

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching season one of this show, and now season two of this show appears on Netflix as well. If you have a Netflix account, I highly recommend watching You in your free time, but only if you are mature enough to handle sensitive content such as murders, language, and some sexual scenes. I give this show a 10/10 because of how interesting and entertaining it is. I have found that while watching it, I begin to side with the main character who is a murderer and a stalker. I begin finding myself on his side despite the circumstances. If you wish to know what happens next, I suggest not only watching the show but reading Clara Licklider’s story titled, “I’m Watching You Too.” 


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