Spies in Disguise


Spies in Disguise is a new animated movie featuring Will Smith plays the spy and Tom Holland plays the engineer. Now I know what many of you are thinking, “Why would he watch this movie? It’s a kids’ movie.” Well, the reason I decided to watch this movie was that when I took my girlfriend, Emily, to the Imax theatre to watch Jumanji 2, they were sold out. Then we decided to watch Frozen 2 and they only had one seat left so our only choice was Spies in Disguise. At that point, I know all of you are thinking “Why not just go home?” Well, we went all the way to Lafayette to go to the Imax theatre so it would be a waste to just go home. 

I was not very enthusiastic about watching this movie and neither was Emily, but we bought the tickets because we didn’t want to just leave and it would just be a big waste of time. So we waited for about half an hour before the movie started because we got there so early. Earlier that day I saw a preview for it on TV and it didn’t look bad, but it wouldn’t be my first choice. I figured it had two really good actors in it so it can’t be that bad, and I was right. It was a really good movie. I thought the animations were really good and the actors were perfect for the characters in the movie. 

The movie was about a spy, Lance Sterling played by Will Smith, who was a “Lone Wolf,” but that is what hurts him the most. Basically, the movie is about sticking together as a team and not doing things that will bring the world together and not killing all of the bad guys that get in your way as the Lance does. The other main character is Walter, played by Tom Holland Walter is a person who wants to make the world a better place like his mom was trying to do as a police officer before she died. Walter’s main Idea throughout the whole movie was that there are other ways of doing things besides killing everyone. So when lance and Walter were paired together it made Lance learn that he can’t do everything on his own. He needs help from Walter to get back a drone that the Villain took from the agency. That is the short version of the movie without giving up too many spoilers. 

I really liked this movie, and I would recommend it to anyone. The movie kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time even though I could kind of predict what could happen next. I was really impressed with Will Smith and Tom Holland because they worked really well together. I would give this movie a 9/10 because there were some parts that I could easily predict, but overall it was a great movie.

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