Fight Club: A Must Watch


I like to fancy myself a movie buff. I squirrel myself away in my room and spend countless hours scrolling through streaming services in the hopes of being surprised from the usual monotonous and tired storylines. Truly groundbreaking movies don’t seem to hit the movie theaters anymore, so the chore of going to a movie theater is frivolous. I’ve found that the best movies are the ones I don’t expect. Surprises throughout the movie mean more to the viewer because he didn’t expect anything when he clicked play. As previously stated, I am a self-proclaimed movie connoisseur; naturally, I have a personal top five movie list. This list has been procured through many years and is very difficult to earn a coveted spot. So, when I say I have a new top-five movie, you should bustle to your tv and cancel your plans. I am not worried about over hyping this movie and disappointing my readers because the movie Fight Club will leave the viewer pondering and recounting every scene in the movie as every good movie does.

The mundane rituals of life can drive a man insane. The protagonist slowly finds himself wishing his plane would suffer a fiery demise than to live another day. This all changes when he gets a taste for blood. I don’t mean a hot teen with his shirt off sucking blood from a person’s neck; I mean the rush of adrenaline when you get punched in the face and are fueled by the taste of your cut lip. This intoxication leads the protagonist to find like minded individuals that yearn for a break from a cookie-cutter society. Thus the beginning of fight club. Like any club, they evolved. A simple meeting of blue-collar, bored men looking for a fight turns radical. These men, oppressed by The Man, want to live in a society that favors a man’s will strength instead of material gain, so they devise plans to bring society to its knees. This movie will leave viewers shocked and staring blankly at the screen begging for more. 

“The first rule of fight club: you don’t talk about fight club.” Every influential movie has a line that will stand the test of time. “Say hello to my little friend,” “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse,” and “Where all the white woman at?” all are movie quotes that represent groundbreaking cinema. This is the first box a movie must check in order to distance itself from the masses into the atmosphere of the elite. 

The second, and possibly most important, is an ending that leaves the viewers to complete the narrative. Movies that deliver a clean, neat ending are predictable and tired. An ending that leaves viewers guessing and wanting more is the key to a rabid, cult following. Differing viewpoints on the meaning or happenings throughout the movies drive individual discussion and therefore allows a movie to stay relevant years after release. The ending of Fight Club changes the meaning of what you just watch and deserves an immediate second watch to catch the hidden layers missed on first viewing. 

The final box is the cultural impact of the movie. If a movie has no influence over its viewers, it is just a short-term distraction not a way of life. An influential movie changes the people that watched it. Devoted Star Wars fans are easy to pick out and easy to anger if you favor the rival movies of Star Trek. Fight Club inspired movements all over the globe of numerous vandalism reports and underground fight clubs. Unfortunately, some viewers took this movie as a way of life instead of a fantastic movie. The cultural impact was destructive but powerful, two adjectives that perfectly sum up Fight Club.

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