Spinning Out


Netflix recently released the show Spinning Out. I always like to give new shows a chance, so I began watching the show shortly after its release date. Spinning Out tells the story of figure skater Kat Baker and the important impact that skating holds on her life. The beginning of the show reveals a traumatizing accident that Kat experiences while skating, and this one accident greatly affects her future actions. Spinning Out explores the various effects brought on by mental illnesses, romance, and setbacks while also displaying the intense and competitive side of figure skating.

After suffering the consequences of the accident, Kat decides her best option would be coaching. However, another setback causes Kat to lose this option. She then struggles with the decision on what she wants to do with skating. Things start to look up when figure skater Justin Davis and his dad offer to pay for Kat’s training if she becomes Justin’s skating partner. This begins the long, difficult journey of training, romance, and the acceptance of help from others.

Anybody who enjoys watching a good romance would enjoy the connection between the two main characters. Kat Baker and Justin Davis are played by Kaya Scodelario and Evan Roderick. These two actors do a great job of bringing the chemistry between the two characters to life. I really enjoy watching a show in which the actors do a great job of portraying the characters’ emotions as their own.     

One aspect of this show that many viewers appreciate is the display of many real problems that people face every day. Some of these problems include mental illnesses, self-harm, and racism. For example, Kat and her mother both suffer from bipolar disorder throughout the show, and this has a big influence over many of the actions performed by these characters. Samantha Stratton wrote Spinning Out and is a former competitive figure skater, so the show revealed many accurate details of the training that skaters endure when preparing for competitions.

I really enjoy watching this show because it brings attention to the serious issues that many people in the world face every single day while also providing various dramatic scenes and storylines. I also like that the show provides an insight into all of the hard work that figure skaters have to put in for every competition. I would definitely recommend this show to anyone who likes a good drama that also includes some very real aspects of life. Spinning Out is rated TV-MA for drugs, sexual references, and profanity.    

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