A Tribute to Our Coaches!

Fall sports edition

A Tribute to Our Coaches!

The one who builds you, the one who invests in you, the one who shares the same goals as you, the one who cares for you, the one who doesn’t look at you as a group but rather as an individual. These are our coaches here at Lewis Cass. Many students appreciate their coaches but don’t receive the chance to really express their gratitude to them. A coach can easily make or break a team, and I believe the time is way overdue to look at what kind of differences our coaches here at Lewis Cass are making in student’s lives. 

As the school year begins, we have several students not only heading into school but diving into their sports. To start off our school year, the cross country teams, who start practice in the summer, begin their meets. Mrs. Rush coaches the girls’ team, and she is very appreciated by all the girls. In fact Emily Tigler, a senior runner, said, “Rush has impacted me in many ways. She has taught me time management which I needed. Rush puts in 100% of her effort into the team to make sure we have the best season. She has been a solid rock in my life and I’m so thankful for a coach like her. She taught me how to have a work drive and go after what I believe in. Rush also taught me even through hardships I still need to work hard and keep a positive attitude.” All the other girls absolutely love her positivity and how much effort Rush brings into the team. 

Another sport that our school gets pumped up for is football. The boys on the football team put in many hours on and off the field to prepare for each and every game, but the coaches put in even more work than them to keep the boys in check. These coaches take so much time out of the year to build the team up to their full potential. Isaac Chambers, a senior football player, said, “Coach Phillips has been a great coach, and he has taught how to work hard and be committed in everything that I do.” The boys really respect their coaches and are very thankful for every season they get with them. 

Shooting a hole in one, the golf team takes on their season with Mr. Jones. Lauren Hileman, a senior golfer, said, “Mr. Jones always had two sides to him. He knew when we needed to get focused and when he could joke around with us. He gave us a hard time sometimes, but he had faith in every one of us.” This statement goes to prove that the golf coach was dedicated to making the team better. This shows how his coaching has impacted the team as a whole and the appreciation of the team as a whole

Our athletes move right on in to volleyball season. The girls this year gained a new coach named Katie Easter. Although they only played one year with her as coach, the team connected with her very well. Rylee Holt, a junior volleyball player,  said, “Coach Easter was not only a great coach and role model, but she was also a great friend. She pushed me to do better, and what were my weaknesses became my strengths. She has helped me grow as a volleyball player and as a person. For that I’m grateful and I will always remember her impact on me.” 

Coaches, your athletes would like you to know that you do matter. No matter how much they dread your practices or complain about the work they have to put in, you matter. Without you, the sport would have no importance. Without you, the sport wouldn’t be possible. Thank you coaches. 

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