Knives Out

A Mysterious Thriller



 Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer), a famous writer and publicist, was mysteriously found dead in his study, the suspected cause: suicide. Marta Cabrera (Ana de Armas), protagonist, nurse, and friend to Harlan, took care of the writer until his last breath. After the police and a seemingly southern private investigator question Marta and the rest of the Thrombey family, one undeniable truth appears: Harlan was in fact murdered. In the new movie Knives Out, Detective Blanc (Daniel Craig) must find out what actually occurred in the Thrombey house on that mysterious night.

Before solving the case, Blanc must first create a clear and accurate depiction of what happened on that gruesome evening. In order to do this, he must question each person who was present on that night. This includes Harlan’s daughter, son, daughter-in-law, grandson, granddaughter, housekeeper, and most importantly, Marta. The family and friends being questioned now became suspects because of their newly introduced motives to kill Harlan that were revealed in their answers. Some of these motives for murder were financial gain and the tying of loose ends. The scenes intrigued me as a member of the audience because they opened up various questions that would be later answered as the story progressed.

Another viewer, Layton Mygrant gave me an insightful opinion on the movie, saying that “the recurring motif of the surrounding knife decoration supported and enhanced my positive reaction to the movie.” 

Inside a particular room, a wreath-like decoration made of knives stood in the middle. Every time new information was revealed, the speaker was sitting directly in the middle of the knives. This important addition shows that the person being interrogated is vulnerable. This decoration also foreshadows the ending in a unique and unexpected way.

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