Bests of the Decades Part 1

Bests of the Decades Part 1

     Each year in the world has its golden egg moment, and those moments stay in our minds for a long time. The moments could be funny, heartbreaking, or even a little encouraging. Sometimes people will forget those moments, but at the end of a decade,  reviewing those shining moments allows us to go back and remember the past. 


      If we go back to 2010, what happened, well actually a lot. The first-ever Ipad came out, and when it hit the market, it was an instant success, and in the first 80 days, Apple sold three million units. The iPhone 4 was also released in 2010 and three days after its launch, 1.4 million units were bought. The new iPhone was inventive in the way people communicate to this day. Lady Gaga shocked the world during the VMAs in 2010 when she stepped out on the red carpet wearing a dress made of raw meat . She wore the dress to urge the military not to judge against letting the LGBTQ community into the army. They are now allowed to serve in the military.


      In 2011 on April 29,  22.9 million people live watching the royal wedding located at the Westminster Abbey, which would be the entire size of Australia. A big wedding usually has 100-200 people attending, but the royal wedding was even bigger than that with a guest list of 1,900. Parties were held all across the United Kingdom in celebration of Prince William and Catherin Middleton. This was a huge live event and paved the way for events like these. 2011 was also a year where planking and the song “Friday” was huge, but not in a good way. Planking was huge in 2011 and played roles in tv shows such as the office in a cold opening of one of their episodes. People across the world were planking, and it became the big challenge for most of the year. Friday, By Rebbecca Black, was a “hit.” The video has 138 million views, but it has 3.6 million dislikes. The song was received so badly because first it was a bad song, and it was badly auto-tuned. I relistened to it and I could not even finish it.


     2012 was a huge year for the Kony 2012 movement, where people took action to stop and capture the Ugandan cult and militia leader Joseph Kony. He had committed many war crimes and was wanted by the international criminal court. A documentary was released on the matter on March 5th and received 102 million views by July 10th. This project showed the world that everyone can fight for the same thing.


     2013 was a year of song “challenges” such as the “Harlem Shake” and “The Cup Song.” “The Harlem Shake,” a song on Youtube, had a drop to it, and after the drop, the people in the video would do a crazy, stupid dance. The fab went all over the world. The cup song originated from the movie Pitch Perfect, a song that listeners would play rhythm with a cup. The song was picked up by young girls all across the world, and in school, during lunch, that’s all anyone could hear. The year was not super busy, but these songs still were very influential for select people 


      2014 had its ups and downs, an airplane with passengers mysteriously disappeared, and the world doing a challenge to fight against ALS disease. The Malaysian Airplane disappearance debacle baffled everyone in the world and many conspiracy theories were made. The conspiracy was spread all over the Internet and some were as crazy to say that the plane had been taken by a black hole, but that was quickly debunked and proved no real facts. Although it was a sad happening, interesting ideas came out of it. The final and most realistic probability was that the plane was crashed intentionally by the pilot. On a happier note, the ALS ice bucket challenge went wild and millions of people poured ice water over their heads to promote the ALS disease. The challenge was to pour ice cold water on top of your head and then challenge another person to do the same, and if they did not, they had to make a charitable donation to the ALS corporation to fight the disease. They raised $220 million in just 2014. Famous personalities everywhere took on the challenge and donated to help find a cure. In 2014 we came together to help cure diseases, and for some try to rescue the lost people of flight MH370

     The world can create and solve so many problems and it has shown throughout the years. We as a world have had fun and helped raise awareness for things that needed help. The new decade is a time to grow as a world and keep changing things and people for the better.

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