I’m Watching YOU Too


DISCLAIMER: Spoilers are all throughout this article. I also suggest reading Cana Jone’s article over season one first: 

I’m Watching YOU


How did I end up here? All I remember is minding my own business when suddenly I am whacked in the head and then stuck in a glass box. A creaky door opens somewhere in the distance and subtle footsteps make their way towards me. It’s a man… He does not look very happy either. He says, “Hello you.” I ask him in a panicky tone, “What do you want from me?!? I don’t have any money on me or anything of value.” The man smiles creepily and says, “I just want your identity, Will Bettelheim.” 

Joe Goldberg, star of season one, has made too many terrible mistakes with his New York life. Mistakes such as vandalism, kidnapping, and murder are far-fetched to normal people, but simple every day life to Joe; however, his past is catching up to him so he needs to leave town. What better city to move to than Los Angeles? 

Season two starts out with Joe starting his new life in Los Angeles. He tries to get a job and a place to live. He’s even under the new name Will, which seems odd at first, but by the end of the episode one find’s out he has kidnapped yet another person only to stow away in his glass box. Life just seems normal for Joe, but life can never be normal for him. Joe simply wants to forget his past and all of the terrible acts he has committed. He killed Beck, the love of his life, and after that tragic experience he needs a break from love. He tries to detach himself from anyone when he bumps into Love herself, literally. Love Quinn, a soon-to-be victim of Joe’s psychotic world, bumps into him at the bookstore where he works, which so happens to be the store where she is the manager. 

In a turn of events, Love’s life becomes more and more complicated starting with Joe’s appearance. To her, Joe, or perhaps as she would better know him by Will, is a complex man with many wounds in need of healing. Love doesn’t think of herself as the perfect package either but more in the sense as they’d heal each other. How terribly wrong Love is though when everyone around her starts dying left and right. However, who is the murderer? Did Joe commit these wrongful acts by himself? Maybe another murderer is in this mystery…

YOU season two is definitely not a show one should miss out on. This mysterious, jaw-dropping, and thrilling show kept me coming back for more. I could hardly stop myself from binge watching the whole season. I give this series a 10/10 recommendation if you are a fan of twists, thrills, and unexpected outcomes. However, I would not recommend this show to anyone under the age of 15 due to its language and disturbing scenes. I would also not recommend this series to anyone who is easily frightened and/or paranoid. 

In conclusion, YOU is an incredible show that anyone interested in the slightest should watch. Joe is such an engaging character that even when he is the blatant bad guy, one can still find themselves sympathizing for him. But because of Joe’s characteristics, he has lost too many people in his life. I wonder if Joe will lose Love too. If one keeps watching YOU, he or she will find out even though it sounds incredibly creepy.

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