The New but Already Been Used Jumanji.


Everyone enjoys watching an original movie but nowadays society has turned to the remaking of these films. The original Jumanji movie came out in 1995 but was recreated in 2017. However, the remake was truly a showstopper so filmmakers produced Jumanji 2 which was published in 2019. My family and I went to the theaters on Christmas day to check out the new one titled Jumanji: The Next Level. 

If one didn’t see the first remake of the film, then he will struggle to understand the second one. They go together hand and hand. The basic story line of this movie is four people get stuck into the game Jumanji and must complete the level to escape. However, when the four people enter the game, they are programmed into a character’s body. They must work together and conquer the game and only have three lives to complete it. If they die in the game after their second death, then …he is never seen again. 

Each character has different strengths and weaknesses, which can be accessed by hitting the character’s chest. However, the key is to use these to their advantage. They each are assigned special skills and must use these in the different obstacles they go through. However, their weaknesses are just as important because those are the ways they can die. Being stuck in a game can get a little crazy but can be filled with fun adventures. As the drum rolls, everyone is wondering will they make it out?  

What is the difference between Jumanji 1 and 2? Well, I will start out saying, I enjoyed the first one more. The first one was fresh, funny, and something new to the audience. However, the second one was just a repeat of the first one. Therefore, it felt as if I had already seen it before watching it. In other words, the movie was predictable. However, I still went to see it.

Although this movie was a repeat, I did overall enjoy the movie. It still brought the crazy adventures and witty humor to the table. I loved the addition of characters to the movie and the new adventures it revealed. I do think this movie has more humor than the first which made it stand out. 

I would recommend this movie to any family wanting a fun adventurous movie. However, the movie is PG-13, so little kids would not want to attend this movie. Therefore, if one is looking for a fun movie for date night, family night, or simply a night in, then I would hands down recommend Jumanji 2.

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