A Disgrace to Baseball: Astros Cheating Saga


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Cheating in baseball is a tale as old as time. Players will cork bats, shoot their bodies full of steroids, and, most commonly, steal signs. Signals are personalize orders on every baseball team. These complicated hand gestures are used to talk to your players on the field without actively speaking. A pitcher and catcher will signal what pitch to throw and a coach will signal how to swing for the next pitch. Baseball is a mental game and signals play a significant aspect. Knowing other teams signals, a team will have a massive advantage, so stealing signs is generally regarded as “part of the game.” But what happens when a team takes it too far? The Houston Astros are facing serious charges currently for their crimes against baseball.

The Astros have been a recent powerhouse in the MLB. They aren’t a surprise guest at the World Series. They had the strongest bullpen in the league and  star players around the diamond. What was their secret to success? Was it attributed to their general manager and manager? They were both fired. Was it their ability to find rising stars in the draft? They just lost their first and second round picks for the next two years, a devastating loss. Was it their ability to relay other teams signals to anticipate what pitch was heading towards them? All signs point towards yes. If someone tells you to think fast, you usually prepare yourself to catch something.Relaying signals from their private video room to their dugout gave the Astros a significant edge. The players in the dugout would alert the batter of the oncoming pitch with a corresponding hit of a trash can. So, in my opinion, I believe the Astros should have the book thrown at them. The punishment should strike fear into every team who even thinks about bending the rules. The Astros should have their championship stripped from them. 

In any scandal, treachery is present. If they have nothing to lose, people tend to snitch on fellow cheats. The former, fired manager and general manager are the most dangerous men in baseball. They were taken out of jobs and might like to bring others down with them. Misery loves company. Not only was it expected, it has already occurred. The manager for the Red Sox was also canned shortly after the Astros news broke wide open. The world of baseball is vulnerable right now. The Astros cheated more egregious than others, but others were cheating. The falling star, which is the Astros, will be sure to take down other powerful teams with them. No one is safe in baseball, so strap up and watch this car crash. 

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