A Tribute to Our Coaches

Winter edition


The cold air starts blowing, the snow falling, and the athletes still training hard. Let’s take a look at the coaches and athletes that participate in winter sports. 

Time to “getcha your head in the game.” Basketball season brought fresh faces to both the girls’ and boys’ team. The girl’s team took in a new head coach named Kyle Amor. Again he hasn’t been with the girls that long, but he has still connected with these girls. Paxtyn Hicks, a junior basketball player, said, “Coach Amor has impacted me by constantly pushing me to improve myself. He’s very knowledgeable about the game of basketball and knows how to keep us disciplined but confident!” The girls were really excited to start the season with this new coach and can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store for them. The girl’s JV coach at Lewis Cass is Nick Quick. He’s a popular teacher here at our school, and he has grown close with several of the players. Kyndal Silcox, a junior basketball player, said, “Quick has influenced me as a coach because he has never stopped believing in me and is always pushing me to be my best. He sees where I can be as an athlete and person and never fails to try and help me get there. He also never misses an opportunity to tell me my mistakes but more importantly how I can fix them. He is the epitome of what a great coach is and I am lucky to have him as my coach.” Both these coaches put in a lot of work towards the team and both of them care about each individual player. 

The boys’ basketball team welcomed a new coach in as well. His name is Kyle Johnson, and I have never seen a coach with so much energy and passion. Tyler Johnson says, “He brings a lot of new energy on the court, and he cares about every single one of his players and I think it’s awesome to have that kind of relationship with a coach.” Every player I have talked to has said he is ready to start this season, and the team is excited to see the plans of the new coach. 

The cheerleaders don’t get an off season. They start in the summer and go till basketball ends. This means the coaches have to take out a lot of time out of their year to support the team. The coaches always bring a positive energy to the practices and games. Carley McCloskey, a junior cheerleader, said “ Nicole Tocco is the perfect coach that’s always there to talk about absolutely anything. She’s the one that will always encourage us when we are feeling down and give me or us the perfect pep talk. I always love showing up to practices or games and seeing her smiling face cause it’s a reminder to have a great attitude!” Nicole is the varsity coach, but she also has a partner in crime to run the team. Jennifer Deeter, the JV coach, is an amazing aspect to our team. Hannah Plauschin, a sophomore cheerleader, said, “Jen has been a big influence in my high school cheerleading career. She has taught me a lot not only about cheer, but also leadership and positivity. I am so glad she has been my coach this year and last year, and I am looking forward to more years to come.” Both of these coaches really make the cheerleading program a positive impact to our school. 

Diving into the swim season, the swimmers have several practices to get ready for the meets. Without the coaches, the swimmers wouldn’t be able to push themselves out of their comfort zones and push to their full potential. However, these coaches are more than JUST coaches. Hannah Young, a senior swimmer, says, “Coach Karmel has always been more than just a coach to me. She has taught me how to be more than just a good athlete but also an extraordinary person. She pushes me to my limits in practice every single day and she can never be seen without the biggest smile on her face. Karmel has helped transform me into a decent athlete, but more importantly, she has blessed me with her presence and truly amazing, contagious personality. I owe a lot to my favorite human.” No matter how much the swimmers dread every practice, the swimmers believe the coaches make this experience worth its while. 

All contact, all body, and all physical. “I would rather throw you than know you.” The wrestling season is taking off and the wrestlers are cutting weight. Wrestling, being a completely physical sport, takes lots of training. This training wouldn’t be possible without the fantastic coaches. The head wrestling coach is Nate Burrous. Cayl Garland, a senior wrestler, says, “Ever since freshman year he’s made me a better wrestler and made me work harder to get to where I’m at now. He has made me the wrestler I am today.” This shows just how dedicated our coaches at Lewis Cass are. They will push their athletes in order to reach their full potentials. 

Overall, the winter sports all have amazing coaches that should be thanked and appreciated for their time and effort put into their team. The coaches really do play a huge role in an athlete’s life. Thank you coaches!

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