Dealing With Stress



Every person experiences stress throughout his life, whether it comes from school, work, family, or other situations. Being a senior in high school, I know that school brings on a great amount of stress to students. Stress may bring a lot of disadvantages, but it also brings on numerous advantages even if it may not seem like it. Being able to recognize when stress becomes overwhelming and finding healthy, effective ways to deal with it is very important. 

According to an article from, one negative effect of stress is strain on the mind. Experiencing stressful situations may cause people to become overwhelmed, and this can lead to exhaustion and anxiety. Mental health may suffer due to these effects, and people may have trouble coping. Some of this strain is brought onto one’s physical health as well. Not only can stress cause a rise in blood pressure, but it may also lead to cardiological problems, nausea, and even certain diseases. 

Learning to deal with the negative effects of stress may seem very difficult but is very important to one’s well-being. One way to deal with stress is maintaining a good sleep schedule. Yes, I know this concept is easier said than done. However, finding ways to relax before going to sleep and trying to go to sleep near the same time every night has many benefits. Relaxation before bed and a sleep schedule both help calm the brain and create a routine for your body and mind. A few other ways to deal with stress include spending time with and talking to friends and family, various physical activities, and different relaxation techniques. Some examples of relaxation techniques include deep breathing, yoga, and progressive muscle relaxation.  

Looking at the more positive effects of stress, a person experiencing stress may find an increase in brain power and a push to take action. Many students have experienced that push to finish an assignment or project when procrastination takes over. In the moment the stress may seem exhausting, but it motivates one to finish a task or sometimes even push someone out of his comfort zone. I remember when I had to do the Project of Passion for English. I became very stressed at the thought of finishing everything, but this also pushed me to complete the project. Stress brings on numerous negative effects to the body and mind, but it also brings a way of adaptation to more effective ways of living. 

Stress finds its way into every person’s life in some form. Dealing with stress is very difficult for some people, but finding ways to deal with it can prevent damage to both mental and physical health. If someone is struggling with the effects brought on by stress, then he should seek help from others. Stress can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to take over one’s well-being.

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