How Illegal Immigrants Affect The United States


For many years, citizens of other countries have moved to America to try and live the “American Dream.” Some went through the process of legalization while others snuck past the borders on land, sea, or through airways . NewYork Times explains that many illegal immigrants fake identification documents or steal them, which makes it possible for them to find jobs. Illegal immigration refers to the migration of people into a country in violation of the immigration laws. 

The process of obtaining citizenship in America is mandatory. This complex process protects citizens in America from many dangers. If America has an open door policy, this will increase the number of problems and issues due to the increase in population. According to The Balance, about 75% of immigrants have not become legal citizens; only about 25%  put in the effort to finish the process of becoming a legal immigrant. The 75% of illegal immigrants also include people that have overstayed their visas while knowing that they aren’t allowed to stay. How would you feel if you put lots of money and time into something only to find out thousands of people cheated their way into it? Cheating is inexcusable. 

When immigrants cross over the border illegally, they don’t just bring themselves into the country, they also bring a lot of crime. The amount of crimes that illegal immigrants commit is alarming. According to Just Facts, in 2017, immigrants made up 46% of the US crime, and illegal immigrants made up 28%. Immigrants make up about 3.5% of the population but 28% of the crime. The most common crimes include homicides, sexual assaults, weapon charges, burglaries, kidnappings, thefts, and robberies, the majority being assaults and drug charges. 

Since drug charges represent one of the most frequent crimes, this shows that illegal immigrants can be very dangerous. The drugs brought into the U.S. affect not only the illegal immigrants but also the legal immigrants and the natives. In “Illegal Immigrants and Crime – Assessing the Evidence,” Alex Nowrasteh states that the higher illegal immigrant population affects the rate of drug arrests, drug overdose deaths, and DUI arrests overall.

Illegal immigrants usually come to the US for better work conditions and a better salary. The article by Miriam Jordan 8 Million People Are Working Illegally in the U.S. Here’s Why That’s Unlikely to Change. from NewYork Times states “About eight million of the nearly 11 million immigrants unlawfully in the United States participate in the labor force.” The Balance says “In 2014, immigrants held 33% of agricultural jobs and almost half of those were documented, according to the Pew Research Center. 26% In construction, 24% of the jobs went to immigrants, and half were documented. The biggest share was domestic workers. There, 45% were immigrants and less than half were documented.” Many Americans have stated that immigrants work harder, so the fact that they hold many of the agriculture jobs positively affects America and its economy.

Even though they work hard, the way that immigrants get their jobs can harm others. Jordan states, “illegal immigrants used counterfeit Social Security and green cards to get hired.” Illegal immigrants steal another citizen’s identity or make fake one in order to be able to work.

Both good and bad can come from illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants help the economy but hurt the crime rates. Illegal immigration is not just simply because it is illegal, but immigrants cannot be classified as good or bad as a whole, and neither can any race, religion, ethnicity, or gender. Citizens of the United States have all descended from immigrants at one time or another. Essentially, the United States of America is a country for immigrants as long as they enter legally.

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