Ticket Sales and Fundraising


Brandon Bishop spoke with my CEO class about leadership, taking initiative and moving out of the comfort zone. His position at Coke allows him to lead and oversee a team that connect and market the brand in an efficient way throughout Kokomo and the surrounding areas it impacts. He started out as a warehouse worker in 2006 and worked his way up to his previous role of account manager. The stories he told us focused on leadership and finding other ways to solve a problem. To be successful, one must commit his time to learning and rely on his own work ethic, not others.

The CEO Summit is an afternoon business and leadership seminar that will equip you to win at your one and only life. We contacted four speakers across the nation to come speak at our Summit. Kristin Hadeed, a previous speaker, decided to come back again and deliver a powerful, inspiring message on leadership and her drive towards success. Sonny Beck will deliver a message on how he started the largest family owned seed retail company in the United States. Lindsay Boccardo serves as a millennial coach and expert on highlighting and working with the unique abilities that millennial obtain. She partnered with the Indiana Supreme Court and has been working with millennial’s for over a decade. Brian Hogan, a native to Kokomo High School, owns a law firm and sports agency in Orlando, Florida. Each speaker’s message will focus on their determination and lead to inspire all attendees to lead in their position and succeed. 

Brandon asked “How many people here have asked for a thousand dollars or more from a business?” I raised my hand along with the rest of the fundraising team. He responded in surprise and says, “I haven’t even done that before.” This alone put into perspective how much CEO really teaches someone. In the beginning of the year, I never believed I would sit in front of business owners and ask them for money but here I am. Not many students earn that opportunity. The task of selling tickets hangs over our heads now. Each member of the CEO class must sell 13 tickets, and the person who sells the most wins a $200 cash prize. This enticement quickly grabbed my attention.

 In the past few weeks I encountered many business owners who prospectively would like to attend the Summit. I sold two to Tyler Moore, the new mayor of Kokomo, and he sounded very excited over the phone. The people at Erik’s Chevrolet in Kokomo expressed interest in sending a few employees to the Summit as well as people from Button Motors. I contacted my friends at IUK and some of them worked with their professors to excuse their absence in exchange for writing about the Summit after attending. The groundwork required for this massive project is done, and the team is on the last stretch to holding a successful event. 

The beginning definitely held the most challenges. My team and I collected nearly $12,000 in sponsorships over the course of two months. At times I thought we never would amass this much money; however, we worked every day contacting people we only talked to for around an hour. This caused a tremendous increase in my self confidence and it challenged my ability to interact with big name leaders in Kokomo. The fundraising process slowly overwhelmed my team to the point of exhaustion but we finished the job swiftly.

CEO continues to make a huge impact on my life each week. It seems repetitive but each day we work harder to make this business happen. Brandon Bishop helped me realize what an impact we make on future students. Each year the group of CEO students make their Summit a little different than the last, but all of the speakers this year will give outstanding messages. Kristin Hadeed, one of our keynote speakers spoke at the Summit two years ago and gained a ton of recognition since then. Sonny Beck, our second keynote speaker, hardly ever speaks in Kokomo. We invite everyone to attend the Summit, and the prices for tickets are $19 for students and $49 for adults. If you have any questions regarding the Summit or the CEO program in general please do not hesitate to contact me.

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