Mr. Hinshaw Becomes Head Band Director


Mr. Hinshaw experienced his first season as head director this past marching season. Becoming head director of a band requires a lot of work and responsibility. Mr. Hinshaw did a great job of adjusting to his new position and helping the students create an amazing show. The band had a great season, and he worked hard to facilitate a smooth transition for students.

Before Mr. Hinshaw became the head director, he taught as a junior high band director and an assistant high school band director. Mr. Hinshaw explained, “When I was the assistant director, I did a lot of teaching and helping in any way. As head director I have to do a lot of behind the scenes and administrative work.” Some of his new responsibilities include organizing contests, handling financial responsibilities, hiring staff, and working alongside the band boosters. Mr. Hinshaw included that these new tasks made up the most different parts of his new position. 

Mr. Hinshaw enjoyed his first season as head director. He commented, “It was really easy working with all the students, parents, and staff because I’ve been here before and knowing everybody created a smooth transition.” This smooth transition allowed Mr. Hinshaw to adjust to his new position and take on many new responsibilities. 

Since Mr. Hinshaw now knows the responsibilities of being head director, he can focus on preparing for the next marching season. Thinking about next season, Mr. Hinshaw commented, “This year went by really quick because of the change in staff. Everything happened fast, so next year I think I will be more comfortable because I can plan out the timeline and be more organized.” Having the experience of this past marching season allows Mr. Hinshaw to know how to prepare for next season. He continued, “I’d like to keep the culture that we’ve created moving forward and creating a safe space for students to be able to express themselves both musically and physically.” Senior Kieran Claypool commented, “I feel like Hinshaw focuses more on having fun rather than winning. Winning is still a goal, but it’s not the main focus.”

Mr. Hinshaw’s goal for next season is to push the students to pursue and achieve the best show that they can achieve. He included that performing isn’t about the trophies and placement but rather the students performing to their best abilities. If the band receives a trophy, then that’s the “icing on the cake.” He continued, “The staff wants to do everything to make sure the kids have everything they need to have the best show.” The band truly wouldn’t be able to have these achievements if it weren’t for the amazing staff members that help and push the band members to perform their best.

I’m glad that Mr. Hinshaw had a great season, and I’m happy that I had him as head director for my senior year. He did a great job adjusting to his new position and taking on so many new responsibilities. I’m excited to see the band’s show next year, and I wish all of the band members a great season!  

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