Future Cheerleaders of Lewis Cass


The mini-cheer camp set a record at Lewis Cass on Saturday. As 165 little girls walked through the doors, the high school cheerleaders were ready to cheer the day away. Mini cheer camp took place on Saturday January 25th  from 9-12 o’clock. This time consisted of teaching a cheer, chant, dance, and stunt. The varsity and JV cheerleaders played games and offered snacks to keep the day a fun experience.

When the day started, the cheerleaders had all the girls come into the gym and had a fun dance party. Then we learned each motion step by step for all the materials they would perform at the game. We played sally walker in a huge circle which the girls absolutely loved. However, my group’s favorite game was duck-duck-goose as they asked to play it every two seconds. 

My favorite part of mini cheer camp is watching the kid’s progress throughout the day. I had a very shy group to start, but by the end of the day the same girls who wouldn’t talk at the beginning were hanging all over me by the end. I love seeing the girls open up and have a good time. 

After the camp the little girls were then invited back to perform in between the JV and varsity game. The girls all received matching shirts and bows for their big performance. When the girls came back, they all looked so cute as their parents did their hair and makeup. Some girls even had glitter in their hair. Talking to my group, I could tell the girls were nervous for the big show. As the buzzer went off, all 165 girls took the court and began to show off their moves. The parents’ faces were filled with smiles and so many phones and cameras were out capturing their little girl’s big moment.

I really enjoy the mini cheer camp, and I’m very sad to say it was the last one I get to help with. However, I will still get to watch it next year and cheer on all the little girls. Hopefully next year the turn out will be just as great as this year.

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