Gone Too Soon


Sunday, January 26, 2020, will go down has one of the saddest days in sports history. This past Sunday the world lost basketball icon Kobe Bryant and one of his daughters Gianna Bryant in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California, during this crash 9 people passed away. This news stunned the basketball community, the sports community, and the world. Kobe was only 41 years old and his daughter was only 13 years old. With this terrible news, how did this all happen in just a short time?


This past Sunday morning I woke up from my bed looking forward to a fun day with my family and to cap off a good weekend. During the weekend I went to both Lewis Cass basketball games, had a fun Saturday morning at practice in the fieldhouse for baseball, got my driver’s license, and to end the weekend went out to lunch with my sister at Purdue with my family. Then tragedy hit and I was in my parents car coming home from lunch and read a notification saying Lakers legend Kobe Bryant has passed. At first I thought it was a joke then  I went to Google, ever single news site saying that he passed. I was in shock why would this happen to Kobe, an icon of his sport, a businessman, a hard-worker, a husband, and most of all, father of four children. 


Kobe and his daughter Gianna’s helicopter crashed around 9:45 am Pacfic time zone. The Bryants were leaving mass and were heading over to Gianna’s basketball game before the crash. The weather was not good enough to fly with it being foggy out in southern California at the time. The helicopter was going around 176 miles per hour before the crash. Kobe and Gianna and the other seven people on board all died of impact. 


The impact of Kobe’s death was huge in the sporting world. Kobe will go down as one of the best basketball players and sportsmen of all time. People across many sports showed their love for Kobe these past couple of days, from Instagram posts, to twenty four second shot clock violations, eight second backcourt violations, and soccer players holding up the number twenty four  with their fingers. Kobe’s death hit the sports world really hard and with his daughter passing at such a young age with the potential she had with the sport of basketball hits even harder as well. 


Kobe’s legacy will be known as many things in my opinion. Kobe Bryant went from one of the best Los Angeles Lakers players of all time, to the closest thing to Micheal Jordan of all time with his playing style, his Mamba mentality, being a great father to his four children and a great mentor to many players in the NBA in just 41 short years. Kobe Bryant meant a lot to the people of Los Angeles and young people today with how he played the game of basketball. Kobe in my eyes will always be known as the hardest worker in sports history from his four in the morning workouts to his never give up attitude.


This past Sunday I will never forget what happened to Kobe Bryant and his family. January 26, 2020 will be one of the days in sports where I won’t forget where I was when I heard the news. I send my prayers to the Bryant family after this tragedy of losing Kobe and Giannia on the same day. Kobe, thank you for everything you did for us in the sporting world we will never forget your actions and the way you did them for us. Rest in Peace Gianna and Kobe Bryant. Mamba out.

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