Super Bowl Preview


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     The Super Bowl happens every year, and for the past couple of years, it has been a consistent couple of teams. This year has a totally different set of teams being the 49ers and Chiefs. Both teams have very great offenses and defenses. The game will be very intense because in the regular season both teams beat playoff contenders.

     The Chiefs are lead by a great quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs have a great defense behind the with star player being Damien Wilson, a linebacker. Damien has been in the league for five years on the chiefs, but he was drafted by the Cowboys as the 127th pick. The stars for the offense are obviously Patrick Mahomes quarterback and Tyreek Hill wide receiver. Patrick Mahomes is on his third year in the NFL and was selected from the pro bowl this year but could not attend because of the super bowl. Mahomes was in the MVP race this year. Tyreek is a great wide receiver on his fourth year in the league, and in a game against the Patriots, Hill had 147 receiving yards and three touchdowns.

     The 49ers are lead by a great quarterback backed up by the offensive line. Their quarterback, Jimmy Grapollo, he has been in the year for six years and was a two time champion in New England. Jimmy did not start for the 49ers until 2018, and he has made a name for himself since then. The offensive line is able to give Jimmy enough time to throw an accurate pass to one of his wide receivers or star tight end, George Kittle. George Kittle is a great tight end and even qualified for the pro bowl the last two years and was all pro. The 49ers are a running team, and they don’t seem to pass that often. The 49ers have a strong defense with strong players being Deforest Buckner, Richard Sherman, and Fred Warner. Richard Sherman is a Cornerback for the 49ers but originally played for the Seahawks. He is known for getting a lot of interceptions and has been the most active intercepter in the league since 2011. He has been a good edition on the team since 2018 and is an old leader for the team. Deforest Buckner is a great right defensive tackle and was invited to the pro bowl last year. He is able to break past the most offensive lines to get sacks and has 7.5 on the year. He will have to have a really good game to break past the strong chief’s line.

     I think that the winner of the super bowl is going to be the Chiefs. They have a lot of great talent on both sides of the ball. The 49ers will not be able to stop the pass and run game the chiefs will have. I am very excited to see how the game turns out, and I hope it is not a blowout.

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